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When Orobelle's life comes into jeopardy, she comes crossing the boundaries between the universes in search of eight individuals, bound to her by threads spanning the multiverse. All at once, they find themselves pulled into a dooming plot that will soon drag every world into its event horizon.

When Ruthenia was ten, her parents were executed for violating holy law. A childhood of homelessness ended in a visit to the inventor Titanio. Now a part-time mechanic and a student at an uptown school, Ruthenia soon finds herself involved in an underground project far more heretical than her parents'.

The world is up caught in the throes of a war between heaven and hell. Strange new strains of magic emerge where the divine and diabolical powers mingle, and those who learn to use these forces are often even stranger.

A folder for all projects that aren't any of the previous few. Typically these are projects with fewer than 5 characters. This includes RP personas, my webcomic Compass, and my Elements project.

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