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Thank you for the fave!


I'm so glad that you like it! :>

I absolutely love your tracks omg. My ultimate favourite album of yours has to be Some Other Horizon hh. It all sounds so magical and i loved hearing it. ALSO!! The song you made for Pala is beautiful and has this niceass summer vibe i love it

Tl;dr? i hella love your musics

Thank you so much for listening to my music! 🙇‍♀️ I'm glad you managed to find my albums because I'm not very good at linking it from my social media. I'm really proud of Some Other Horizon too, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Idyllic is still one of my favourite things that I've ever made :p

If it weren't for the link on one of your character's profile (Adelaide to be specific) i wouldn't be able to find your bandcamp. My favourite from yours has to be Some Other Horizon and Idyllic (too!) It has got this nice fantasy feeling that i can't describe with words. I'd honestly love to see more of your musics.

Oh yeah, my pages do have links to my music. I appreciate the time you took to listen to them! I've got more on Soundcloud that I haven't posted in albums, if you like!

Thank you so much for the sub! <) And I wish you a happy new year!

Happy new year to you too, and, of course! No problem!

Happy new year to you too, and, of course! No problem!

Ofc! I'm surprised I wasn't already subscribed hahaha

of course! your casts of characters are very charming (I am, in fact, the sort of person who gets attached to the characters I draw) and I'd love to see more.


Hi, I can't seem to get your profile CSS working? You just paste it into the box, right? It's not showing up for me ;~;


Oh I'm glad it's working now! 👍

What you said about my art here made me wanna cry?? You were so nice and I never ehar nice things about my art just thanks so much. :')

:D I'm glad! You have a very strong style, and you should be proud of it!

👌 np, I'm glad you liked my analysis--it was fun looking through your gallery!

Aaa thanks for the subscription! I've been meaning to subscribe to you, I just kept on forgetting to do so up until now haha; on a related note, all your characters and projects sound really cool and interesting!

I'm glad you think so! And same, I see you so often that I'm not sure why I haven't already subscribed to you, haha.

Hello, can you link my drawing from Dove Squab ( back, to this account, please? :3

It would be very nice ^^

np, I've updated it :] thanks for the drawing once again, he's adorable!

Thank you :3 And thank you too for your drawing <3

Oh wow, I'm here reading this comment at like 5am and I wish I were more awake so I could respond properly. I'm humbled that you took all that time to read through my characters' profiles and my project summaries!

Oh yes, I absolutely do enjoy associating characters with timeless concepts via symbolic animals, objects and other entities--in fact I'd even say that that's the one thing that ties all my work together, and I'm glad you noticed because I don't think anyone else has pointed it out! E&S is 100% bird symbolism, maybe I'll publish the novel someday and everyone will get to see all the bird (and other thematic) metaphors it's drowning in.

And yes, steampunk is still one of my most beloved genres to this day, anything surrounding the industrial revolution and the late 1800s is so cool (as is anything to do with the Interwar period, but I have yet to write anything set then).

Once again, thank you for taking the time out of your day to write this incredibly nice comment! It reminded me that there's been a few things I've been meaning to upload, and I'll get around to it eventually!

Thank you for the fav!! :3

ofc, she is lovely!

No problem B) I am glad that my very serious and heartfelt masterpiece has touched your heart

Thank you for subscribing! I'm in love with all of the characters I've seen so far, and though I don't know much about Revolving Door, I can't WAIT to find out!

I must've missed this before my short hiatus--thank you so much for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoy my characters!

No problem! I can't wait to read more about them! Thank you for favoriting my characters as well!

Ofc! She a hottie

Forgot to mention it when I read it, but Revolving Door as a game would've been so much fun. The idea of gravity suddenly switching and making you fall on an invisible bomb that goes off everywhere at the same time - like, I can just imagine all that chaos and I think it'd be the kind where I couldn't play because I'd be busy laughing because of how dumb I am LOL.
But it'd also be the kind of game where once you get the hang of it and strategize, that would be so intense to watch.

Yooo true, it's so much fun to think about! The strategies would be crazy, like I was thinking about how you could use the world-switching to sneak up on someone--say, you spotted someone in the bushes, but they didn't see you, so you quickly jump to the next world, run over to the spot parallel to where they are, and then jump back for a surprise attack! Or you could set a trap on exactly the right spot so that when an enemy character switches worlds, they will land right on top of it and get blown up haha.

I'd have a field day thinking up more characters with powers that complement the multi-universe setup, there's just so much you can do with it. Maybe...a character who can link up and switch places with any teammate, regardless of where they are? That could be so interesting strategically, especially if there's also events that block world-switching 0: Wow this is making me want to actually work on this project (though probably as a top down game probably)

God, it's like PUBG but with, like... such huge twists to it. Like this game could stand on its own because of how unique it is to the genre.
Tbqh I would adore playing this if it ever gets out. My laptop is an old bab buT I WOULD STILL TRY TO PLAY.

Yeah I am absolutely thinking "PUBG but with 12 worlds" hehehe. Seems like it'd be pretty complicated to code, but I'm always up for a challenge. It'll happen someday. Someday...

oh hey, hi Radpo! thanks for the comment, and no worries. I have an even worse track record seeing as I haven't commented on anyone's profiles, haha.




ABSOLUTELY embarrassing.

no problemo OP, thank you very much for the invite code!





Hi hej 👀 🤖🚨⚾🛍