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i fell asleep

wwyd if i fell asleep for a full year and never updated my folders would you be mad. 🥺

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Published Currently Working On PG-13 Strong Language



Interactive visual novel webcomic


Surreal fantasy comedy adventure




Dreamyverse is my interactive visual novel/webcomic. I made it in HTML + CSS + JS and you can read it for free on my website here. There's 2 chapters published right now!

*shameless plug* You can also see the making of the next chapter before it drops and exclusive behind-the-scenes spoiler content by supporting me on Patreon!

Be sure to read the universe dictionary and listen to the tunes!


The Dream World is a realm past the everyday Waking World, just a bit deeper past normal dreams. It exists as both a dream and a reality, and can be interacted with and lived in just like the Waking World.

There's a variety of ways people can visit it. Most commonly, tourists wind up there by sleeping at important points in their lives or in unusual places.

The story follows Nada after they wake up in the Dream World right as catastrophe hits – the teleprisms that let people teleport to and from the Dream World disappear. Taffy, who is assigned as Nada's Dream Guide, leads them through the Dream World trying to get them back home.

Lotus Paris

Pinocchio's Leech
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Currently Working On Comfort Project PG-13 Blood/Violence Substance Usage Dark Themes Strong Language



RPG Maker game?


Dark gothic medieval fantasy


A shut-in prince leaves his life behind in pursuit of his next fix.

Pinocchio's Leech was designed in 2017, mostly as vent art at the time, though it's since evolved into an independent story. It deals with themes of addiction and generational trauma. It's very full of irony, tragedy, literary tropes, and kinda obvious plot twists, and absolutely satisfies my need to draw gothic anime style stuff.


Prince Duffy is a reclusive shut-in whose existence has been kept a sort of family secret; he's been confined to the castle for most of his life and has picked up a habit of nighttime thrill-seeking to see the outside world by his own means. The story begins when Duffy happens upon the royal vault in the castle, beckoned by the voice of the demon sword sealed within it, Chastice. Figuring he doesn't have much going for him anyway, Prince Duffy breaks the seal on Chastice's confinement and agrees to the offer she proposes: the prince can become her next wielder and have access to her arcane powers in exchange for feeding her blood.

There's not much for Chastice to gain in their current situation at the castle, of course, so she begins planning an escape. Prince Duffy's caretaker and the Captain of the Royal Guard, Ilessa, comes to casually chat with him, and Duffy cracks under the pressure of it all. He confesses to making a contract with a demon, but Ilessa curiously puts no stock in it and disregards it. Chastice, on the other hand, takes it very seriously; revealing herself and challenging Ilessa. They have a brief struggle, but Ilessa reassures them that her sworn duty is to protect the royal family, including Prince Duffy. She'll look the other way and help Chastice and Duffy escape the castle, so long as Chastice promises not to harm the royal family. With this, Duffy leaves the castle; taking on the alias of Pinocchio II while working with Chastice, and navigating as the commoner Duffy by day.


Chastice introduces the main quest to Duffy: in order to gain more power for the two of them, or as a way out if he's really too cowardly to work with her and wants to escape their new partnership, he needs to hunt down ancient leeches that are currently possessed by demons living in the mortal world. You're probably doing the mortal world a favor by ridding it of demons, anyway. By investigating supernatural events and unconventional crimes, you follow this trail until you find the leeches Chastice desires. Most of these leech-keepers are a duo of demon and user, much like Duffy and Chastice... unfortunately, those demon users die along with the demon contracted to them.

During the daytime, Duffy can explore the map, investigate leads on other demons, and interact with NPCs. During the night, he works as Pinocchio II, initiating battles with the leech-keeping demons, or wreaking havoc on the innocent populace if that's your style. You can abstain from slaughtering innocent civilians, but if Chastice goes hungry, she'll start sapping your power, and eventually give you no other option. If you want to be humane, you'll have to ration blood by visiting butcher's shops and other similar avenues.

Throughout the game, you can choose to be merciful and stymie Chastice's plans, err on the side of caution and take some lives to save your own hide, or indulge in brutality to reap the full benefits. Based on your actions, you can get different endings and unlock different side stories with characters. But no matter your actions, at some point near endgame, Chastice breaks her contract with Prince Duffy and initiates her own independent plan to subjugate the mortal world with her newly amassed power.

Chastice is the final boss you'll be up against. Unless— Unless you really fucked up, and you're on her side...?

Prince Duffy
Pinocchio I
Chloe von Lilutia

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Not Currently Working On Collab PG-13 Blood/Violence Body Horror Substance Usage Dark Themes Strong Language



RPG Maker VX Ace game

Psychedelic furry horror, top-down fighter, puzzle game

Gutrot is a collab art project between Yanadose and hissy70s. It's a psychedelic furry horror game, planned to be made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It's a side project for fun, so there's no official release date or anything of the sorts.

The main cast is comprised of 4 characters: Cirro the golden retriever, Ykaya the crocodile, Qulí the barracuda-shark, and Nim the finch. You play as the protagonist, Cirro, who wakes up at the bottom of The Well, deep within a mysterious labyrinthine dungeon. Cirro and the rest of the party originate from the underground, and the labyrinth is located on the surface. They have to escape and try to find a way home without succumbing to the effects of surface radiation, a type of poisoning that affects underdwellers when they're exposed to the unsafe environment of the surface world.

The game progresses as Cirro and their party use their skills to solve puzzles, fight monsters, and overcome obstacles. Key items found along the way can be used to progress puzzles, or used in a pinch in battle. The party members also have main unlockable skills: Cirro's Lasso, Ykaya's Mallet, Qulí's Rubber gloves, and Nim's Paintbrush.


For A Good Cause
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Hobby Project PG-13 Substance Usage Strong Language




Magic fantasy action


Two exorcists who kill demons... for the money.

Based on a dream from the last day of 2018. My far-fetched dream is to publish this as an over-the-top fanime.


In this story, the evils of the world manifest as powerful beings called "vices" - they're usually demons, malevolent spirits, or the ill intents of the living. Exorcists are called upon to dispatch them through whatever means necessary. They can be sanctified through prayer, but some vices are too powerful and have to be fought and essentially killed.

Kiri's a violent gun-slinging exorcist and Veal's her pacifist priest partner. The two of them are employed by the city church to take out vices for clients who need the help of powerful exorcists. They've been working together for years and they're top rank, so their help is only called for when there's a real threat... but even so, Kiri's been bored out of her mind lately. The second they get off work, both of them piss the day away, gambling and drinking and wasting the luxurious paychecks their job rewards them with. It feels like things have reached a plateau... up until Veal hears one of the vices they're hunting communicate to him.

The Virtue Organization

Kiri and Veal are on a mission to exorcise an abandoned church inhabited by a powerful vice. While Kiri is busy taking out the bigger threat, a small vice who takes the form of a black locust speaks to Veal. He's heard vices speak in the past, but usually they're yelling expletives. This one communicates telepathically and tells him of "the Virtue Organization." The locust tells Veal it is a messenger for the organization, and others like it have been watching Veal and Kiri for awhile now. These messengers observe the people and places plagued by vices, and outside of the Virtue Organization itself, they can only communicate with holy folk like Veal who have spiritual powers. The only other information it gives Veal is that the Virtue Organization's leader, Clara, is interested in the two exorcists.

Of course, when Veal relays this information to Kiri, not only is she skeptical but she's worried Veal is letting vices get to his head. Similarly, the church clergymen don't have any information about a "Virtue Organization", or anything regarding vices that can speak in such a manner. A vice who could relay information so eloquently and telepathically is unheard of; it would have to be an extremely powerful being. And it definitely wouldn't be a small bug so unimposing it went unnoticed by a trained exorcist like Kiri.

Veal's Excommunication

Veal isn't given the option to forget the ordeal, though - these black locusts keep showing up on his and Kiri's missions. That girl, Clara, keeps contacting Veal using those locusts as a conduit, but she won't tell him the reason why she's watching them or anything about the organization. Veal swears up and down those locusts are constantly watching them, but it's always when he's alone, and he can't prove anything. At Kiri's behest, the church sends another exorcist [who I need to design and name ahem] with the two of them to keep an eye on Veal.

Finally, on their next mission, Veal feels reassured he can prove the existence of the black locusts. [The other exorcist] is by Veal's side when a black locust shows up and starts communicating. It seems like they can both hear it. And - near immediately, [other exorcist] squashes it. Upon finishing the exorcism, the three return to the church, and [other exorcist] reports Veal for working with the vices. He's excommunicated from the church. Kiri still hasn't witnessed the locusts, but she trusts her gut and decides to leave the church as well and stay with Veal. That's far from the last time Veal sees the locusts... and eventually, Kiri sees them for herself, though it doesn't explain their watchful lingering and proximity to the vices.

And then [imagine i write this part really good] Kiri and Veal go rogue and work against the church and start working with Clara and the Virtue Organization and cool stuff happens the end.


The Kleric Grande Show
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Hobby Project PG-13 Substance Usage Strong Language




Modern era slice-of-life comedy


The secret identity of the cruel and flirtatious performer Verlika is none other than... a boring maternity ward nurse?

Based on a dream from January 27th, 2020. This story is written to be really cartoony and fun and involves constant hijinks and I imagine it as a fanime. *brain zaps you*

Amber Kovačević is a meek delivery ward nurse who lives a double life - she's the last person you'd expect to be the true identity of the vile-tongued club performer Verlika.

Kleric Grande is a famous comedian who's been off the scene for years now, so when it's announced he's making a reboot of his late-night comedy show, everyone's hyped. The Kleric Grande Show (you could say the name is familiar...) features slapstick, absurdist humor from the host, and it stars up-and-coming artists and comedians to give them a share of the spotlight. Verlika is one of the first stars on the show - she's more popular with the underground scene, but she's got a loving fanbase. Everyone's excited when Kleric announces she's gonna be the new cohost.

During the day, though, the girl behind Verlika struggles to balance her life as a wage worker and a celebrity. It's getting harder to hide her identity as The Kleric Grande Show gets more popular. Eventually, it comes crashing down, and people figure out just who Verlika is...

Myrrh Linda Spellweb
Kleric Grande

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Mostly Abandoned Project PG They Are Not Allowed To Cuss In Canon Material Disregard All Usage Of "Fuck" In Concept Art



RPG Maker VX Ace game

Fantasy, turn-based battle, classic RPG


Triangle go goobies. Square and Circle enter a Goobie Contest to defeat Triangle. © Meltii 8.4.2013

Two lifelong friends start a rogue operation to take down a recently throned tyrant— who they instantly recognize as the missing link from their trio of childhood friendship.

Geometry was one of the first RPG Maker projects I planned back in late 2012. I keep redoing the plot so there's only main themes right now.

Triangle, Square, and Circle are childhood friends during the past timeline. They hang out and play games together and go to the same school and are a declared trio of best friends, until not much later their families move to different locations and they eventually lose touch of one another.

The player controls Triangle during the childhood portion and interacts with Square and Circle and other characters, and the integrity of these actions influences whether the current timeline is Realm A or Realm B.

The current timeline takes place when the main three, Triangle, Square, and Circle, are in their late 20s to early 30s. There are some consistencies between Realm A and Realm B. Triangle rises to power as the leader of their nation, and whether it's his intention or not, many regions suffer, the regime is exceedingly strict, and thus Circle and Square become renegade fighters in The Resistance with the motive of displacing him and installing a new, just government.

Circle and Square only meet again by joining the same group by chance, and neither of them recognize Triangle until they come face to face with him much later. Crescent and Star join the party at later points; neither of them had appearances in the past timeline.


In this realm, Triangle strives to create a utopia for his citizens, but his idealism and naivety prevents him from seeing the problems he causes. He's big on public appearances and supposed transparency in his early ruling years, but problems down the line cause him to only give false, faceless morale boosts to his people, and keep his future plans under wraps.

The Resistance has more diplomatic methods of abdicating Triangle in Realm A, but his guards working closely under him make it hard to get an audience with him. Or, you can be an asshole and bust your way in and threaten him.


In this realm, Triangle rules based on his own selfish whims and want for power. He's careful to keep things running smoothly enough in regions that his people don't cause uprisings, but other than that, he knowingly neglects basic duties of the nation. His empire is built on fear, except for his high ranked officials, who are loyal because of bribes.

The Resistance deals with Realm B Triangle through force, and gets fewer chances to speak to him one-on-one to reason things.


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Mostly Abandoned Project PG-13 Blood/Violence Body Horror Dark Themes



RPG Maker 2003 game

Aesthetic horror, exploration & puzzle game


A young boy flees town and faces each of his fears after his home undergoes a week of startling distortions— with their source appearing to be his childhood friend.

Gift was one of my earliest RPG Maker projects from 2012, planned to be made in RPG Maker 2003. The whole basis is that it's misleading cute but gory and edgy. There's not much plot to work with.
There's also an alternate version I made in 2017 as a "reboot," but I basically consider those separate characters living in a different universe with less edginess.


Jasper is the protagonist of the game, a paranoid boy who lives in Silverpine Lake. His childhood friend, Conitoti, lives in Maplepoint City, a small but lively neighboring town. Jasper frequently visits Conitoti's house for picnics, games, and walks outside.

Things in Maplepoint start getting distorted. Conitoti in particular is subject to disturbing physical transmogrifications, which she seems to be unaware of. Despite Jasper warning townsfolk that something is going on, with his best friend Conitoti specifically, no one listens to him. He leaves town by bus as soon as he can. At the bus stop, he meets Willow, who was living in isolation in her home in Maplepoint until she caught up with Jasper to escape as well. She confesses she knew that Maplepoint was becoming what it is for longer than Jasper realized, and she can confirm what he experienced, despite no one else believing him.

Jasper travels to various locations, looking for somewhere to stay instead of near Maplepoint. Willow meets him at every bus stop before he proceeds to the next location. Ultimately, he leaves each one, and never finds a place to settle down. Each location represents a different fear of his.


Merrywether Heights
A misnomer of a name; a dirty town with rampant crime
Fear: Crime, other people
Busy City
A bustling city with its own life in every microcosm
Fear: Tight spaces, crowds
Colour Peaks
An alpine mountain range where townsfolk often talk of mythical, dangerous creatures lurking in the high peak
Fear: The unknown
Steel Sewers
An underground sewage system
Fear: The dark
Abandoned Town
An old, uninhabited ghost town
Fear: Isolation
Exists in another world
Fear: Conitoti


Lesbian Horror
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Mostly Abandoned Project PG-13 Blood/Violence Body Horror Substance Usage Strong Language



RPG Maker VX Ace game... except maybe not

Surreal survival horror, exploration & puzzle game

Two girls wake up in a medical horror labyrinth, otherwise only inhabited by monsters. One of them seems to know a suspicious amount about this world.

Based on a dream from May 25th, 2017. I haven't planned anything serious for this project, they're mostly just OCs for drawing.


Cali is a stoic and hypervigilant med student and the protagonist of the game who wakes up in a nightmarish and distorted hospital-like labyrinth. She finds a baseball bat early on that lets her beat up certain monsters, and is able to explore the hospital looking for clues, tools, and a way out. Her medical knowledge is vital in utilizing materials found in the hospital, along with healing wounds.

After gaining access to the roof, Cali finds Francis hiding in the patient rooms on the highest floor from a monster roaming the halls. She loudly declares Cali to be her "knight in shining armor," to which Cali hurriedly shuts her up and finds a hiding spot for the two of them. Cali and Francis make a break for it after the monster passes by, and find a butcher's knife that's more suitable for taking down large monsters like the one roaming the halls.

The two are able to exit the hospital itself with the aid of the butcher's knife. The next area is what seems to be a neverending parking garage full of roaming monsters such as these, though the hint of the night sky is apparent at the far end.


As you continue to explore new environments and face new monsters in this medical labyrinth, Francis will suspiciously express familiarity with certain subjects she shouldn't reasonably have knowledge of— stuff that Cali only learned from medical school, or stuff even she's never heard of. She'll also tell Cali almost prophetic statements regarding the monsters themselves, as if she knows something about them.

Despite all this, Francis claims not to remember anything about her past. Not her career, not her last name, not where she lives, not her interests— nothing besides her name, Francis, and a few very barebones facts about herself. Other than that, she's in the same situation as Cali. She woke up as a prisoner in this frightening world and wants out.

Of course, it's possible Francis simply developed amnesia from the stress of this frantic situation. That's what Cali's medical background would rationally tell her. But her instincts keep telling her there's something more to it than that...


There's no ending planned yet, besides Cali and Francis dating each other.


RPG University
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Mostly Abandoned Project Open Universe PG-13 Substance Usage Strong Language Magic Fantasy School Life Comedy

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Party Time
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Literally Just Here To Party Clown Status: Critical PG-13 Substance Usage Hella Clown Doinks

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Hello RPG
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Mostly Abandoned PG Fantasy Adventure Exploration Classic RPG

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Princess Laikoka

Goddess Islands
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Mostly Abandoned PG Fantasy Magic Adventure

my first video game idea i came up with in middle school :B

the only solidified design is drear, the wind goddess

the game concept is there's a chain of ancient islands protected by elemental goddesses and one day they lose their powers and you have to help them and restore the natural beauty to each of their islands to restore peace to the land


Code by AviCode