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Hello! Since I have a huge amount of folders and it's pretty hard to familiarize yourself since I do not sort it by Mains, Secondary, Tertiary, and etc., I'm giving a brief introduction to the folders as well as the taglist!  Please familiarize yourself for a bit before proceeding to any other  folders!

Thank you for taking your time in my character roster! I hope you enjoy your stay here!


The Land of Milk and Honey

oleander200_by_lowkeywicked-db3opcy.pngThe Land of Milk and Honey is a story of mine I grew up with. The story is mostly revolving around a temperate, third/fourth world country,   Fructele. Not that it is a country prone to poverty and crises, it is   also a country that hides a secret no one could ever believe it would   happen in real life..

wew lad

oleander200_by_lowkeywicked-db3opcy.pngthere's nothing much, it's another story i'm working on but it has no real direction yet lol

DISCLAIMER: This folder may also contain themes you probably may not want to involve yourself with, such as violence/gore, witchcraft, occultism, existentialism, nihilism and religion. Please do have the mind that I don't find these themes hot and went "idk im just random xddddddd" while I wrote pretty atrocious backstories right here. I'm not using such themes for no good reason, so please---have an open mind before proceeding. This is for your safety and mine!

Menagerie of Idiots

OCs that are lost and have no definite world/story yet. Some may root from Thalassia and stories, but most of them are a major WIP to the point this folder became a huge zoo.


CS Hell

Closed species that I designed. That's it.

I'm too dumb to give most of them a backstory.

I might draw semi/open species soon, then again, God knows when.


Designs from Others

The title itself is pretty self-explanatory, though I only accept designs from the art games or if it's made from scratch by one of people I hold dear. I will werf you with a flammenwerfer if you offer on any of these OCs; I'll honestly cry, I love the OCs housed here so much but the dumb me sucks of thinking a story for them, haha.

Scrapped OCs


Unused and I have no plans with ANY of them anymore. Most of them are unlikely to come back, to Cardinal Decree or even the dumb pit of OCs, Menagerie of Idiots. I lack ideas for them, please don't interact with any of these OCs, I  beg you. Still NFT/NFS tho, since they're still housed in this account.

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