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Please, for the love of the gods, do not sexualize any of my characters, whether they are "legal" adults or not. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

Other things to note:

  • Occasionally, there is gore art for some characters. These images will be filtered accordingly.
  • In regards to any of my characters that are shitty people, I do not condone or support their actions.
  • To me, there is a difference between writing a character's sexuality as "asexual" versus "n/a". The latter usually means that the character in question simply does not care about defining a sexuality/are too young for it to matter to them anyway/I'm an idiot and I haven't nailed anything down yet.
  • Please do not kin my OCs. AFAIK this hasn't happened before but I'm covering my bases here.
  • Also, no OCs are for sale or offer unless they are in the sale/offer folder.

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