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If you steal any of my kids I will s t e a l  y o u r  k n e e c a p s. But really, don't use any of these characters without my knowledge and consent. I'll accept fanart but that's really the only reason I'd allow someone random to use one of them. Forbidden use of these characters includes:

  • Claiming them as your own
  • Selling them
  • Using them for a profile picture/profile art/edit/etc.
  • Using them for RP (doesn't matter if you're roleplaying as the character themselves or using them as a faceclaim).
  • Heavily referencing them. I don't mind a little inspiration! Some of my characters were inspired by other characters. But, please don't just swipe almost everything/something important from one of them and make your own OC out of it.
  • Kinning with them. I don't know that much about fictionkin so I'm not really against it! But, it makes me slightly uncomfortable thinking about someone going around saying that they "are/used to be/identify as" one of my characters. So, I'd appreciate it if you didn't kin with one of my OCs (or at least don't state it publicly)!
  If you see anyone breaking any of these rules with these characters, please contact me on Instagram @/creamii.clouds (without the slash)! 

 I should also mention that some of my characters have somethings to do with their personality and/or past that may be offensive to some people. This can include psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies, hurtful opinions (homophobia, racist ideas, etc), abnormal/illegal behavior (committing murder,committing abuse, etc), or a past with possibly triggering events (rape, abuse, etc). I do not condone/would never perform any of the actions portrayed!

 Thank you and I hope you love my babies as much as I do!~

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