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NT RPG | Open & On Now!

Posted 1 month, 23 days ago by cwidow

The process of Nullius Terram RPG has been extremely long due to real-life circumstances and the need to seriously modify forum software for the use that I needed, it has been in creation since January of 2021 (it could have been February) but has been a long time head world before that. After diving into the account that I have had for what feels like ages, I realized that the world's option here had just what I needed and would make it so easy for both myself, staff, and members to use! Because of this NT RPG's development mode has been turned off and I migrated the game to As of right now all important information needed to create characters and get started has been transferred but I'm still working on transferring a few of the game play mechanics we're using, shouldn't take too long as it's already written I just have to paste and format.

NT RPG's original design was meant to be equine only however as it progressed I decided fudge that, bring them all. From fantasy to realistic beings I don't care what they are. 

It is officially open!


Equus Community Roll Call

Posted 1 month, 28 days ago by cwidow

Finding Community Members

I'm migrating my primary focus from dA to and would like to find all the equine communities that I can. I've been able to find familiar names by looking through subscribers on other profiles but I'd like to find as many folks as possible.

If I am not a subscriber of yours and you are part of this community please comment so I can follow you!   Alternatively, you can comment with your friend's TH links and I'll go follow them too!   

Sandbox Writing For Equus Genre

This is a plug lol but if you're looking to write in a sandbox environment I'm happy to write with you!   

This is a public world and you can request to join and add any, even all, of your Equus-related characters to write publicly or privately. The environment here is completely sandbox as this is not a 'world' with its own set of rules, attributes, or other elements. This is specifically a TH world set up as a collective environment that focuses on bringing together writers of Equus characters while also providing them a space where they may collaborate on any stories they want to create.

Link: Equinum

Design Sales (Equines & 1 Cervine)

Posted 1 month, 29 days ago by cwidow

I need to clear out the massive amount of designs and characters that I am holding on to, despite never using them.

SALES - (all prices are "OBO, or best offer" even if I forgot to add that in the title)


I will do my best to respond here quickly but you will have better luck with fast responses by sending me a DM on discord (c.widow#6666).