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dainty bundle

Posted 5 months, 7 days ago by daikonyuni

this bundle is open!

https://toyhou.se/5702050.cocoa $90
https://toyhou.se/14147260.emrys-wip $75
https://toyhou.se/16968218.hypno $5
https://toyhou.se/8427569.fran (voided appraisal $300) $35 dainty 

total $205/ euro (basically same amount) 

bundle to be paid as a voucher basically
paying through website for a physical item ^^ custom listing should be made but details of everything will be discussed! 


Posted 5 months, 17 days ago by daikonyuni

https://toyhou.se/6937537.finley (voided appraisal $608) DAINTY $35
https://toyhou.se/15576722.9 $30
https://toyhou.se/16901962.adopts-10-each trio, $30
https://toyhou.se/14028648.euphemia-50- $50
https://toyhou.se/6622363.satsujin $30
https://toyhou.se/13107760.sayuri $120 (can also sell for $65 + reg slot)
https://toyhou.se/11934537.tbn-redesign $10
https://toyhou.se/15587438.tide- RARE TOMOYOKI $25
https://toyhou.se/17094442.tbn $20

total (different payment options): 

$310 + reg dainty slot
$290 + cb dainty slot (PREFERRED)

HAGGLING IS POSSIBLE!! please comment below if interested or message me directly
will not sell the dainty individually however I WILL trade him for a chimeron (preferably one I like)