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new & improved syppy (REAL)

Posted 3 months, 7 days ago by daisyday

hellooooo!!! i spent the last several hours working on a new profile for Best Boy, the man of the hour, the little freak himself, syplis!! i hope you guys like it, there's not a Ton of new stuff, but i added a little here and there hehehe. profiles/coding/html is not my forte at all, but regardless i'm happy with it and had fun!! :D

ALSO..... DRUMROLL PLEASE...... GUYS!!!! he finally has an Official Reference after all this time!!! i'm so, so happy to finally share this -- it was done by the amazingly talented KeroShoku and it's perfect. please view my boy. i love it SO SO much. i can't even put it into words. he even has a new outfit (!!!!) and i'm so excited to get commissions of him in it. syplis? NO. driplis


ocs on authorization only rn

Posted 8 months, 17 days ago by daisyday

if anyone wants to be authorized lmk!!! anyone can!! i finally put some ocs that have been on hidden forever on authorization only as well fhkfj tho i still don't have any completed profiles atm whoops ;;u;; but ya!!! ty for enjoying my funny littol guys i just need to keep them in a cozy lil corner for now! :') (holds them)

edit: sorry that took me a bit !!! everyone should be in now!!! ty <3