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Omg tysm 4 the kind words for Kazaa X3 

aw of course!!! she's such a lovely character!!! <3 

Awhh! Tysm again!


aaaa same same!!! what jobs do you main? :3c

Just became a Paladin and exploring that job right now

oh awesome!!! i havent unlocked paladin yet so congrats!! :D what data center are you on? 

have to check next time I'm on. which one are you on?

PEPPY OMG!! I saw your twitter was gone and didn't know your toyhouse,, It's been a while aaa hope you're doing well!!! :"DDD

KASS OH MY GOODNESS HELO HELO…..!!! clings to you like a koala!!!!! i miss you!!! if you’d like, i made a new twitter, id love to follow you again :,> i was actually gonna ask you if i could!!! also thank you sm for subbing ;;u;;

SOBS OMG OFC OFC MISSED U TOOOO CLINGS TO U AS WELL!!! Ill follow back if thats ok!! :"D im also on discord hehe WHATEVERS EASIER!!! And ofc ofc PLS i love ur ocs smmM :"DD ♡♡♡

just letting u know i followed you!!! :3c U WILL RECOGNIZE MY ACC RIGHT AWAY



CAL!!!!! hi hi!!! i miss you too omg ;;u;; i hope youve been well! i actually made a small little twitter just for friends to follow if youd like to be mutuals on there? :3c id LOVE to follow you again!! 


omg yay im so glad!!! ;;u;; GRABS YOU

aa but i couldnt find your twit handle on your profile here :o could i pls have it so i can follow u hehe >:3c

(holds up ur month old post in the friends thread) hi please say u are still available to yell at re: enstars

(((((((it is so dang hard to find ppl who are eng speakers & are not Children in this fandom)))))))

OMG HI YES HELLO OF COURSE ;; w ;; / my fav character ever (nazuna) is from enstars so im stuck w it for Life hehe <:3c WHO ARE YOUR FAVS!! (also i know right lol where did all these kids come from 😭 it wasnt like this at all in like... 2016... whew ive been Here too long!)

ALSO I COMMED YOU IN 2019 TO DRAW SYPLIS DO U REMEMBER...!! 🙏🏻 im such a big fan of your art still omg fbksbdnd ‼️

NGHHHGH I WASNT HERE DURING THE 2016 GLORY YEARS IM SO UPSET......the anime+rhythm game rebrand sucked me in ((i think thats where all the children came frm,, before, the barrier to entry was too high+the main appeal was the story so i think casuals who couldnt read wouldnt have stuck that long i think ? in this paper i will...)) _(:3__ but yes NIICHAN GOOD CHOICE!!! everyone is a good boy here but i am Predictable, i love niki+crazyb friends & sena (honestly if u have good singing voice i will kneel, how to get off voice actor simp train)

YES I RMBR THE CHARACTER IN UR ICON!! i didnt recognize the username tho so i was like ❓did op give up their boy❓ BUT HE IS STILL HERE IN HIS HOME

THE FANDOM WAS SO SO CRASY IN 2016 TOO TRUST ME.... unfortunately it will always be Like That i think </3 the drama never ends... im just chilling in my corner w ra*bits and having a good time fhfkjhfj B) im so happy you love nazu though....!! I LOVE HIM... TOO MUCH OTL i even have a ra*bits phone case... o<-< OMGGG... IM NOT CAUGHT UP W CRAZYB LORE (idk anyone into enstars, that's the only reason why i havent caught up.... but im excited to properly Know Them!!! ;;) BUT I LOVE KOHAKUS DESIGN SO HARD... and niki is adorable!!!! you have very excellent taste    OMG IZUMI....... i think my oc akira was the tiniest bit inspired by him...... !!


the sab sab curse of big ass fandoms....... _(:3__ OH is ur phone case official or fan made ??? i dont have the confidence to walk around with a phone case with everyones faces plastered on it but if its like, cute group motif pattern thats so cute..... BUT YES HMMM i put niki on my homescreen once and one of his lines was "plz dont pull on my ponytail its my charm point 😅" and i cried + his (gestures) everything in honeycomb summer;;; IS OK IF UR NOT CAUGHT UP, im still picking up lore crumbs here and there tho not until i catch up on ! stories but ME TOO i wanna meet kohaku so bad;;;; his singing voice is so smooth but ?? so deep ?? h o w

yes akira tho 👀👌 model tsuntsun boy w gray hair I SEE IT

YEE it was the floof from the crown+horns i was like 🤔 wait a minute, i rmbr this

kissingng you



Tysm for the favs!

Have a wonderful day~ <333

ahh no thank you !!! you're so sweet!!! <3 thank you for the favs as well...! :')

^////^ <3

Thank you, you're very welcome hun~

ahh you're so so kind ;w; i subbed back!!!

>////< Aww, thank you that means a lot. <333

I may not be active within the week for a little while, bc I'm having surgery in 5+ days. ;//u//; it's in my newest bulletin, just thought I'd let you know~

I really appreciate the sub though!

oh my goodness! i had no idea about your surgery im sorry! i hope your surgery goes well and quickly, thats so scary though ;;w;; everything will be okay! 💓 i really admire how brave youre being through all this, it sounds extremely stressful and im so sorry ;-;

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aaaa ashdjhjd thank you so much for the fav and sub, your OCs design are all so pretty TwT <3

of course!! your boys are so pretty omg 😳👌 thank you so much.... my oc akira would 100% be a fan of your ocs and buy all of their magazines hehe

waahh thank you soo muchhhh againn!!! i loved Akira design too, silver haired are so soo 😭😭👌💖💖💖 i hope they can meet and do a collab photoshoot together 😳😳😳

we haven't spoken in forever and i thought id give u a quick hello! :0c

aaa im so sorry ;;w;; im awful with keeping up with discord bc i barely use it ;; i miss you and your ocs though!! i hope youre doing well :> 💓

aww nw at all! we can comm over here if that's easier, ik it's easy to lose stuff on disc ;0; ive been alright, how are you? >v<


I ADORE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! tysm for all the favs clover!!! 😭💓 youre literally an angel!

syp: *biiiiiig hug* for big sis marine! :3c


omg of course of course!! thank *you* for faving my ocs :> it made me really happy n_n i love your characters and their designs so much! :> <3


Aaah, thank you so much for the sub!! Your characters are all so CUTE       Got me feeling in a way.... 11/10 will be staring

AWWW OF COURSE OF COURSE!!! i'm... obsessed with your characters and ART OMG!!!! youre so skilled and i *clenches fist* just adore your style so much!? i Need to commission you one day soon fhkjf ;___; <3

also ty so so so much for the favs and the sub back wahhh ;o; !!!! youre so kind! tysm!

JDHCHD THANK YOUUU! Honored...blessed...

And of course!!! Excited to see more stuff, I love your characters too!!

thanks for the sub?? ;_: L3

of course!!! tysm for the sub back ; o ; <3 i really really like your oc designs! ( ^ v ^ )9

ahh your icon is so cute! may i ask who made it?

awww thank you so much thats very kind of you to say ;__; it was done by sinistarino on twitter :> !!!

thank you<333 its a cute comm and a cute oc c:! i hope you have a nice day!

WEEPS you’re so kind thank you!!! you have a good day too!


ur ocs are.. babey 😳😳

HEEEEEEEEE thank you so much!!! ^___^ im so happy you like them it means a lot <3


hi ilysm

hi ilysm we at panera bread

Aaah tysm for the fave on Adina ;u;   Veno is such a cutie with a super colorful design i love 'em!!

AWWW youre so kind, thank you so much!!! :-)


of course!!! 🥰💓 BDJDBSJSHSJ thank you so much im very happy you like his impish self hehe  !!


HDJDBSJSBSKSB thank you so so much, that makes me so happy! 🥰 hes the pride and joy of my life so im glad you like him too ;o; your ocs are all just so pretty and the designs and art are all beautiful ;v; syplis doesnt deserve such high praise when you have such amazing ocs like yourself!! ☺️


can i ship akira with my oc


can i ship syplis with my oc

yes 😳

ok my ocs name is alasdair hes a himbo



egg mc muffin

hi sexy

your damn sexy....wanna date

we're married

damn...what did i do to deserve that luck :flushed:


I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH im getting 3 more comms of him >:3c im excited to show you!!