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status update!

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by dogboy


hi all!! i hope you've been having a good year so far!!

i know my general and sudden silence might've been a shock; i wanted to make it clear that i'm still planning on coding and all, but in general, i've been very stagnant with responses and making new codes. my most recent one - the artfight one - was a code i had prepared for months before; i haven't made a new code in the past couple months, and i don't know if i'll make any more codes in the very near future. coding is something i do when i have the motivation and inspiration, and i've lacked both recently ^^;;

i would like to give a deep apology to all the people who have tried to reach out to me for coding help but have been met with no response: myself and my lack of activity on the account is to blame. that being said, since i've somewhat returned to checking up around here, to those who are still struggling with coding and need my help, please comment below and/or send me a dm here on toyhouse. i will not be responding to old comments and dms about help because there's a lot, and i'm not sure who hasn't been helped yet or not!

other than that, i hope you all have been well! i miss all of the positive energy that my codes got and all of the support you all had for me, and i hope to return to my coding groove as i had before. for now, i'll be checking around. ^^ there's been some amazing coders that have popped up in my absence, so be sure to check them out as well!

lots of love, thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!

requests are open! + acc updates

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by dogboy

hi all! hope youve been having a swell new year so far!

my requests are open as of right now! feel free to request a code if youve been waiting for me to open them again. otherwise, i have general updates about my account for those who are really interested listed below. thanks so much for your support!!

update list

  • all my codes are now hosted on toyhouse tabs as result of the poll from a couple weeks ago. you can still view my codes on pastebin if toyhouse if ever down or toyhouse wipes them or something like that as a backup. a link to my pastebin will always be present as an alternative archive on my profile. if you find any errors with any links, please let me know! that would help me out greatly!
  • my main profile and thread have been given a makeover. my thread is now sorted neater for character/user/other codes, and are now listed newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest. my kofi also received a general redoing but that isnt as important
  • i now have an official account mascot, fizzlepop! while he'll probably only appear in one or two codes at most concerning template, you'll see him a lot concerning my account generals. i'll be looking for people to commission art of him..
  • might make a legitimate commissions bulletin too for my codes since i've gotten a couple messages about that
  • miiiiight take some codes down temporarily to recode a couple things but this is highly unlikely
thanks yall! your support means so much to me! <3

where would you prefer i host my codes?

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago by dogboy

poll question :3

9 Votes pastebin
32 Votes toyhouse tab
0 Votes elsewhere? (comment pls!)

hi all!! sorry about my general sort of? absence? i was going thru a burnout period with my codes but im !! back babey!! i think. as i stated im going to release some codes towards the end of the month so um!! look forward to that!!

though ive had an issue with pastebin where they mark my codes as offensive/questionable content even though they're. just codes .. and they force them private as a result. this happened with some of my codes which i was able to unprivate, but gucci and greed + gleam of hope got absolutely nerfed and i had to transfer their codes to toyhouse tabs instead. i got to thinking, which do you guys prefer? that i host my codes on pastebin or th tabs?

i used pastebin bc i didnt know how to paste my codes on th tabs before, but i've figured it out now. i prefer convenience when it comes to accessing them so i feel like pastebin and/or th tabs are the most convenient, but what do you guys think? would you prefer i continue pasting them on pastebin or start putting my codes on th tabs?

thanks!! love you all <3

a thank you to all my supporters!

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by dogboy

hello!! this isnt an urgent bulletin or update, so dont let the title alarm you or anything

i just really wanted to express my gratitude towards everyone who has been supporting my coding thus far! it's been nearly a 3 weeks since i posted my first code and the support i have received in that time frame from my various codes has been immense and so, so supportive!! ;_; everyone's interest in my codes has really encouraged me to continue doing them. im genuinely enjoying myself a lot while coding, and while im not on my daily code making/posting streak anymore (that period mustve been kinda jarring to see gnjkhgjfg), im still making codes and enjoying distributing them \o/

this account has recently hit 100 subs and thats honestly amazing to me!!!!! i couldnt be more happy/grateful. something i posted once just cuz snowballed into me finding smth i really enjoy doing as a hobby! plus it gives me experience as i am a hs senior and soon to dive into compsci as my major (eeee)

theres a couple of questions ive gotten/i want to answer that may be on ppls minds below, but otherwise, ty all so much for your support!! extra shoutout to fever/@heterosexual for being my hypeman its super fun and encouraging!!

please continue looking forward to my codes! <3


  • is good and golden really your first code?
    • ahHHhhMMMmm for toyhouse yes! i've dipped my toes in html/web design before, though, on deviantart and on tumblr. granted the deviantart experience is VERY minimal (i only learned the basic, <div align>, <b>, <img src>, etc...) and on tumblr i was superrrr winging it (i would show what i have done with a theme but its embarrassing jghdfjkghdfjkg). but good and golden was the first code i ever made completely from references + designed for toyhouse! it was also my first experience with bootstrap which im still slowly learning but we are getting there
  • will you ever do p2u/d2u codes?
    • UHHHH maybe... i still feel unsure abt monetarily gaining from this, but ive been thinking of making some d2u codes. except you dont have to just donate money, i can take payments in art :o idk, ive never rlly another coder do smth like that so ig we'll see--
  • will you ever do css/world/specie codes?
    • also a maybe. world codes are probably what id do firstly out of all of those, but its just that i lack knowledge about all 3 of those things to really do smth... and i dont have premium on this acc, my alt or my main so i cant really poke with css just on my own terms, at least on th. specie codes i couuuuld do but theyre not my priority
  • how are you/do you make codes so quickly?
    • my keyboard bullies me into doing them this quickly /j -- but serious answer, from referencing my pre-existing codes + my passion!! i find html really fun to do and see the results in real-time with the live preview editor (bless circlejourney). except when theres extra end divs screwing up my code that makes me ghrhrhrhhrr

code request bulletin! (closed)

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by dogboy


dogboy's code request bulletin!
status: closed!
feel free to comment (preferred) or dm about your request!

some rules:

  • this isn't fcfs!!! if i feel as if someone else's request is easier for me to accomplish i'll probably do theirs first. i'll try my best to get to everyone, but i can't guarantee it
  • requests will always be free for use, for yourself and for the rest of the public. if you have an issue with this and would like a template made solely for yourself, please dm me specifying you're looking to commission! (i don't have them open publicly because i'm still not sure about pricing, but we can definitely discuss)
  • comment a mockup of your template! most of the time i can't work without one. if you can't, please at least provide a description of what you want the basic assets of the code to consist of. you can give me a character to take inspiration from, but this helps me more with the aesthetics of the code rather than the actual structure. it isn't a guarantee i'll do your request if you just give me an aesthetic or character.
  • i can't really do "fandom" codes since i'm not really part of too many fandoms, but if you'd like, you can dm me more about your fandom and what would be needed on the profile. i'll try to do my best!
  • i take tips for requests and customs on my kofi!
  • i don't/can't take inspo from pre-existing codes, or make codes similar to them that you link, especially d2u and p2u ones! it can be harmful to other coders, i hope you understand :>
  • there's a good chance i'll be posting your code in my regular format rather classified as a "custom"! i'll make sure to shout you out when i do that! i post as customs when the code is pretty niche to you :0
thank you for reading and enjoying my codes!