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Wonderful ! I would really like to use them but I don't know how to do it, where you have to go to put the codes ToT

using your getcha code, thank you so much! they're all so cute!

heads up im prolly gonna be using a lot of ur codes here and there from now on, i think ur my new fav coder to use for chara profiles :)

Im going to using one of your codes but I’m new so I don’t really know much on how to do stuff so I’m commenting here. I love your codes :D

your codes are super cute :"")

I probably won't get around to using this one but I appreciate the work you did! very cool!


hello I would like very much used it for my ocs my I do not know how to do TvT I watched a tutorial but my English is just horrible I am basic French can you help me

Your mascot is uber cute!

just wanted to say i love your codes...!! your codes are usually my go to when im seeking for codes for my characters~

AH!! THANK YOU SO MUCH,, that means the world to me to hear! <33

:0 hi im new, how to code & coding work?

hi there! are you asking how to code templates from scratch, or how to fill out pre-made codes? :0

yeah XD

Oh my god, I could n e v e r ! We stan!

Omg your codes are so amazing :0

AHHH thank you so much!! ;; im happy you like them!!

Gosh you're my new favorite coder !! Your coding designs are lovely and easy to navigate, they look nice and just are everything I have been looking for in codes !!

OHH thank you so much!! ;; im so happy to hear that ahhhh!!! <33333 thanks for your support, it means the absolute world to me!

I love ur codes!! keep up the good work! ^^

ohhh thank u for the kind words!! ^//^


hallOOOOOOO i recently came across yume fanfare and i am iN LOVE WITH IT gonna be using it for a few of my ships, thank u for making such a cute layout! <3

yooooo thank u for the feature !!! love your new profile :^DD

of course!!! :DD thank you so much wuhahahhh <333

I know this isn't a huge deal or anything but I finally actually listened to Comet Honeymoon for the first time yesterday (well, a cover of it, but still the song) and wow... it is an amazing song.
I knew when I heard the instrumental that it was gonna be a good one and I actually went back to your code and checked like "wait this is the song??? my code request got to be tied in with this song??? that's so cool!!!"
Thank you for introducing me to such a nice song!!!

AWH IM GLAD YOU THINK ITS A LOVELY SONG!! i love nayualiens works, theyre always so bubbly and high spirited and comet honeymoons one of my favs!!! :D im happy that you think their work is awesome too!!

of course!! ^o^

IT REALLY IS AND THEY REALLY ARE!!! I left YouTube on autoplay for a fair bit and got to hear other ones like Dance Robot Dance, Solar System Disco, etc, and they're all really sweet! Comet Honeymoon's become my new fav now though, sorry Alien Alien :")

OH YEAH I LOVE THOSE AS WELL! rocket ciders one of my favorites too! >:0 comet honeymoon just has that funky kick to it so i totally understand hahah! alien aliens super popular but im always down for the less popular songs from voca producers ;9c

All of them are so good.... I know I've listened to Rocket Cider because it was on autoplay at some point but I can't really remember what it sounds like so I'll just have to listen to it again! There's definitely a very good reason why Alien Alien got so popular but tbh,, their other songs deserve to be popular too!! It's fun finding someone for one song and then looking through their other songs though, you find lots of hidden gems!


thanks for using my codes and letting me know!! :-DD <333


i assume you mean art trade for a code :0 in which yeah i do!!! <33 lmk what you had in mind!

thank you so much!! <333

i do have requests! theyre closed right now as to prevent me potentially getting flocked with them but i dont mind hearing something you might want!!

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AHHH YOURE SO SWEET... /// thats very reassuring to hear TT i want to continue making codes for the TH community!!

thankfully i do think im getting better!! hopefully i will find my muse and encouragement to do codes again as much as before! in the meantime, thank you so much for your support! it means the absolute world to me ^_^


AH THANK YOU, ill change the codes that have them! :o

Im totally in love with all your work! Can't wait to see more <3


I just discovered your profile and its amazing ! Keep up the great work <3

AWHH YOURE SO SWEET.. // <33 TYSM! ill do my best!

hey i wanna say thanks to making f2u codes for us! they are amazing, keep up the great work please <3

AH THANK YOU.. //// <33333 im so happy to distribute them, thank you for your kind words!!!

all your codes are absolutely gorgeous!! im totally using some of them in the future <33

keep up the great work!!

!!! TYSM... πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• im very glad to hear it!!! thank you for enjoying my codes!!

Hey, I just want to say that I absolutely love your codes and they're all so good!! Keep it up <333

!!! tysm!!!! (Β΄βˆ©ο½‘β€’ α΅• β€’ο½‘βˆ©`) πŸ’•πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’• i look forward to making more!!

hello! im sorry if im bothering you because i already asked alot, but im almost done with my first character HTML thanks to your help :D ok so my problem is that the white box/square i tried to put in the main box/square thing popped up on but when i put the code on TH. it doesnt appear for some reason thank you! this is the last thing ill rlly need to ask :D

hi!! everything's looking pretty good!! :3

i think the thing wrong is that for the background url you're using for the disappearing box (aka the white background), youre not using a proper image. notice how it says "..." etc etc, and doesn't end with a .jpg, .png or .gif? thatll cause some issues!

while i believe theres some exceptions to this case, its best to use an image with those file types when using a background command like that.Β 

just replace

"style="background:url()" --> "style="background:url(" !!! (pls ignore the fact its a link, wysiwyg reads it as one but the code should read it as an image code!)

the jpg i provided is a free resource from google images. theres some divs you forgot to close up in your code too but that can be done in the final process of clean up, its looking amazing!!!