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Hey there! Most of my characters are set in some sort of shared world of project (but not all of them - yet). Click on a folder to learn more about each of 'em.

Here's a guide for some of the tags I use:

fp = Finished Profile. For everyone who has an updated template and has all the cards filled out.
profile wip = it's a weird system. I'm working on it.
pri = Priority, or OCs I want art of the most!
ntd = Need To Draw. Characters I haven't drawn even once. Oops.
af = Characters I have uploaded to my Art Fight profile.

Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory.


Manhattan Crew and Entarra are my main focuses at current!


Lots of my characters may be in au relationships with other peoples' characters (or heck, even my own, lmao). The "Relationship" bit in their bios will always reflect the "canon", but you can spy other stuff through links.

That said, I am always down to multi-ship most of my characters, so feel free to ask! Just know nothing will be exclusive unless we make a project together. Also, the only characters off-limits to this entirely are the OCs who are already in a canon relationship unless otherwise stated.