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hahgn i love your pokemon ocs

Aww thank you! I really should do more with them, heh.

I love your drawing style too much, I admire you and too much. ;;w;; 

OH my gosh thank you so much!! This was such a lovely comment to come home to. ♥ I'm really flattered!

Hello! Thank you so much for the sub, I really appreciate it! :'3

No problem! Your art and your characters are super cute :D

Ayy, I'm glad to read that! ❤

Thank you so much for the sub :D


Thank you so much for the fav! <) I hope that you'll have a great day ahead!

AWH, of course! I love your gooey bird boy :D

Thank you, I hope you do too!!!

Thank you for the sub!

Np, your art is really nice! And thank you in kind for your sub! :'D

I sent the drawing to Naeri's gallery! :P

Ahhh how cute, thank you!! <3

you're welcome! hehe <3

Thanks for the sub! :^)

i really love seeing your icon and it makes me go "awww" everytime i see it idk

asffhjk aw I'm glad :'D

I wanted to drop by and THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying that you think my characters are cool! /;v; ♥ Also, VERY GOOD SHIP SUGGESTION with Laddie and Beleth especially! Demon Summoners and Summoned Demons is always a good deal! ♥

Awwww, haha of course! I look forward to seeing them around more! ♥ And yesssss, I love it. :D 


(hugs you!!!!!)

thanks Beed ♥


i truly hope things look up for you. you are such a good person and your presence on here (and everywhere else for that matter!!!) is welcoming and lovely. people may not be the best at showing how much they care (lord knows i am bad at it ahhh), but i hope this comment can at least be a slight compensation. you matter! you're thought of. and you rule. ♥ thank you for putting yourself out here.

ahhhh geez Beed what the heck!!!!! i really. really appreciate this. i feel like every step forward i take i end up taking three back soon after. i don't know. but i'm trying. fdlgkdfg thank you,,,


i'm thankful it can be appreciated, i'm glad you're here to hear it! and i have to say, one step three steps back is really relatable, unfortunately (i feel like that a lot, too, about all sorts of shit ahhh). but knowing that it's relatable also means that i can say with certainty that, someday-- hopefully in the near future-- these perceived backsteps will end up being worth it in the long run. sometimes trying is just as important as 'winning', or feeling like you have it figured out or w/e. there's a lot to be learned from our struggles, even if they suck A LOT. you got this!!!

♥♥♥ you're great, beed. thank you so much.


Oh snap, bruh, V is SUCH A GOOD ALBUM, I've been listening to it on a loop since it came out. You have good taste, I approve.

Also, HU still on tour! I saw them and met them personally when they performed here in Atlanta near the beginning of October, best moment of my life. Have you checked if they're passing by your state/country, or have they already passed by?


Ohhh my god that's so awesome? Turns out they literally played near me today, I had no idea. :'D I wouldn't have been able to see them anyway, spent too much money on apartment stuff lately lmao. next time though... Next time.


Ohh snap, well you totally should next time around, and make sure you have enough to get VIP when you do, cause vip lets you meet them and take a picture with them. I already can't wait until their next tour.

Also, what's your fav song(s) from the new album? I'm stuck between Pray, Renegade, Whatever it Takes, and Black Cadillac, they're all so good like damn, I only have like 2 songs from the entire album that I wouldn't listen to every day, and even then they're still 200% good.

Oh man I'd absolutely love to. I've never done that before generally bc it's so priceyy, but maybe one day!! it'd be a neatnto get to say hello to them.

AND OH MAN THAT'S HARD... I think right now I'd have to go with Bad Moon, Whatever It Takes, and Nobody's Watching. But they're all so good ahhh

Thanks for faving! :D

Have I said how much I love your avatar? 

ISN'T IT GREAT... a friend did it ages ago, we all picked nudibranchs on Twitter and everyone got one :'D I love this lil guy (also thank uuu)


thanks for the love on the thread, buddy. <3 it's nice to know there's some solidarity out here. i hope you've been alright beyond the underlying sadness that comes with these sorts of things.

haha, yeah I've been dealing! The first couple of months were super rough but it gets a little easier. Now the music's just real bittersweet :') good luck over there, beed!

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Haha, thank you for your support! And the sub! :D

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thank you for the fav ^^

Thank you for yours!! :D

Not a problem! :D

Thanks for faving Denver and for believing in him!! I thought it was super sweet <3

Haha, no problem! <3

dang, thanks for the sub! :'3

Haha, no worries! I really dig your art. :D

Thank you for the sub and the fave! It's much appreciated. <3

Haha, not a problem! :D

Thanks for the sub and favs! :D

Of course!!