Eevemporium is an art RPG here on toyhouse that I am having a lot of fun in! This folder contains all my eevees, as well as their trainer, Kyrie. I have a story slowly being written & developed for them, with the first arc centered around the android eevee that Kyrie hatches from an abandoned egg, left in an alley with only a note: "Bring us into the Digital Age."

Reading order:

  1. Running Circles: Kyrie's intro with their starter eevee, Loop de Loop.
  2. The Digital Age: Kyrie finds and hatches a mysterious egg.
  3. The Abandoned Church: Kyrie and their eevee Sweet Potato explore a run-down church.
  4. President Prez: The eevees Prez, Dame, Aether, and Snow Queen go on a mission to find out if they can really trust the Digital Age.
  5. And more!