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I reserve all rights to my characters, their stories, and their artwork. Their designs, artwork and backstories belong solely to me and are not to be copied, heavily inspired from, traced, or used as the following: icons, face claims, page decorations, roleplay, forums etc. I do not give permission to the public or anyone to use my characters. 


Some of my characters' profiles and backstories contain sensitive or triggering topics that can be really gory, NSFW, or morally loose and are not suitable for some viewers. Discretion is highly advised.

While these are present in my characters' backstories and profiles, it does not mean that I condone or support the acts or find them justifiable in any sense whether it is morally, legally, religiously and otherwise. Some of these are set to be parallel and accurate to actions and circumstances that happen in real life and are recreated as a means of fiction work and fiction work only.

Art work containing these subjects are restricted by warning tags and strictly uploaded to the character's art tab.

If you are uncomfortable with these subjects, you have been warned by this disclaimer and only you can ultimately choose not to view it.

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