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General Warnings

  • Most of my characters are tame and sensitive info is usually kept vague-- I really don't need this warning here. However, I plan on going more detailed with things at some point -- so I thought I'd finally add a warning just incase anyone ever decides I've somehow managed offended them. I mean no harm by my characters or stories.
  • My characters may contain things that trigger you, such as violence, self-harm/suicide, strong-language, mental illnesses, mentions of sexual themes (I tend to be vague), abuse, abduction, or captivity, religious and/or anti-religious themes (false gods, corrupt religion, the occult, etc), and otherwise sensitive material.
  • I write my characters to be characters. They may be insulting or bad people, and may do bad things. I always try to write sensitive topics correctly, but we all are humans and make mistakes. I do not endorse or agree with everything my characters say or do.
  • I am a minor, so my page will not contain NSFW or anything of that regard.

  • My characters are NOT up for offers unless specifically stated somewhere. If you want to buy characters from me, check my selling account Adelwood
  • Do not steal, use, or kin as my characters without explicit permission.
  • I do happily accept character critique if it is fair and non-hateful. PM me if you have something to say!
  • And -- If you think I've misportrayed a certain topic, please do tell me! I'd love to either fix my mistakes or explain my character choices!
  • Fanart is fine, and happily accepted! (*NO* NSFW)
Other Info

  • Don't be afraid to ask my about my characters. I like talking about them!

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