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favespam, comments, subs, and wishlists are always welcome! (lmk if you add a character to a WL it's really flattering LOL)

dnis are kinda goofy to me. if i dont like you or think ur a creep you'll get the block ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  weirdos and bigots are well aware of themselves and their behaviors soooo... fuck around and find out lol. <3

you are free to take inspiration from designs i have created, that i still own. but do not take heavy inspo of characters in my "baby you are my" folder as they are personal to me!

don't kin my ocs or take them offsite thanx!!! idk why you would?? lol

i love when people think my characters are hot/cute/wifeable if u want to comment something silly like that im comfy with it!! it makes my day

you are totally free to draw my characters if you like them, please show me! and....


seriously ill cry and scream and think about it for weeks

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