kale's codes


1. Don't redistribute/sell my codes!
2. Feel free to modify them/frankenstein them! Again, no redistribution.
3. COMMENT HERE if you use one. I'd like to see!
4. Credit must stay unmodified.

> tell me if there are any issues!
> leave nice comments!
> bump my thread/share links to my codes!

> ask me for coding tutorials
> give unsolicited "advice"
> repost my codes

How long have you been coding?
Since mid-February of 2021!

Coding resources/how to learn HTML/etc.?
I've compiled some resources, yes!

Can you help me learn coding/set up a code?
Nope, sorry! There's lots of helpful people on the forums though.

I found an error/the code isn't responsive for me!
Feel free to message me with a screenshot & description! I'm still tinkering and learning.

When will you fix X error?
No idea, sorry! I'm busy as a freelancer enrolled full-time in college, so it depends on outside circumstances.

You didn't respond to my comment!
Yeah, that happens. I am, unfortunately, very forgetful, but do know that I treasure all the compliments and concrit I get!

Do you make custom codes?
You're welcome to ask! I am still learning, so most of my codes are experimental, but I'm happy to chat about it via PM if you're interested!

I'd like to buy a code, but I don't have Paypal!
Aside from Paypal, I also take Cashapp! If money is not your jam, I'm open to possible trades for P2U codes!