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your artfight haul this year is so excellent ;o; <3


i didn't get hardly anything done attack-wise this year so the people who attacked me were very generous ;__;

Thank you so much for the fav! <)

of course! :3

ya'll mind if i just- *dabs*

Wow, thank you a ton for all the faves~ :O

And thank you even more for the sub too!!!

no prob m8, you got some cool stuff ;0

heyy sorry for the fav spam but i really enjoyed reading about your characters, especially those belonging to Apocrypha <3

aw dang thank you!! no worries at all, it's always a nice little surprise ; v ;; sorry a lot of them are still big works in progress lmao

hii i found a Character you put on OTA it´s a bun gurl so i offer art for her anything you think fair .

thank you for the faves!! <3


thanks for the fave! 

<3 !

I would like to offer on this baby 

I don't have any money due to financial difficulties but I would like to offer art instead I would like to offer you one 3D headshot worth $15

examples of my work



Oh that'd be incredible, your work is lovely!

I'll need a bit of time to figure out who to ask for, so this might be helpful to both of us. Do you prefer modeling girls? Any particular traits I should be aware of that you don't like doing?

I usually do art of women and as for traits I'm willing to do anything except for full-on furries/animals, I usually do humanoid characters.


I'm a little uncertain about who to pick for sure, is it okay if I show you a couple of my girls and you let me know which one you would to do of them?

thanks for the fav!

Thank you for the sub!!! ♡♡ ; u ; your babies are soo precious!!

thank you aaaa ; u ;;; all of yours are neat and cute, i really like your style

Thanks for subscribing omg - also you have a ton of awesome characters!

no problem, dude! all of your characters are super cute, i just had to c:

Wanted to say thank you one more time for the invite code, and I'm glad I can now look through your directory of characters at my leisure. Awesome stuff. <3

Haha, no problem! I'm glad I had one on hand. But gosh thank you u//w//u I'm hoping to add more soon <3 I'm glad I get to look at yours too!