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Question about stories/characters

Posted 1 hour, 28 minutes ago by gerard

Hi! I've been kind of thinking about this lately and thought it would be best to ask you all

Do you find my characters/stories profound, impactful, inspiring, etc.? I've kind of wondered if anyone has read about my characters and walked away feeling significant thoughts or feelings. I've wondered if any of it lingered with anyone for a while, even if not forever.

I know this is a much more valid question to ask once I start publishing more details about my characters + their stories since... Obviously, there's a lot of missing context and story and interaction and character development, but still... I'm curious!

FYI I'm primarily talking about Death of an Optimist and somewhat Goodbye Suburbia
I know character profiles aren't complete yet and I haven't released that many story details (haha...whoops! I'll get on that soon, I promise), but I'm still curious about what you all think. Thank you!! I'd really appreciate any replies

adopt ideas

Posted 2 days, 5 hours ago by gerard

Hi! I wanna make some chibi adopts since I got my new tablet and would like some spare cash for when my boyfriend comes to visit in a week :o) does anyone have any themes or aesthetics they'd like to see?

EDIT: They'll be humanoid BTW! I don't really do furries anymore EHFDSGH

Hey. So. I have no clue what the fuck just happened with my phone but I'd like to find out!

I was in CVS (store chain) with my friends and texting my boyfriend. Wifi in there is usually shit, so when my connection suddenly died I didn't think much of it, but I was irritated. After we left I tried to see if my connection was back, but despite my data/wifi showing I had a full connection... uh... Discord still was not working.

When I looked and saw the date on which my messages were being sent it showed... Um... April 17, 2003...?

I thought it was just Discord glitching out, so I waited a bit to see if my connection would return, but it did not. I tried texting my parents, using other apps and searching on google but literally, NOTHING was working. I realized that my phone might actually have somehow set itself to April 17, 2003??? So my friend suggested I take a picture and see when google photos saved it date-wise... and...



SO I went to my date and time settings and noticed that my phone DOES NOT HAVE A MANUAL TIME/DATE SET FEATURE? Like. It was an easy fix, I just had to turn off the "automatically sync with your network provider's time" off and on again, but when I turned it off it showed me my phone for some reason thought it was April 17, 2003?? And I guess somehow it knew that it should not exist hence literally nothing fucking working. When I turned it back on it was normal

What the hell happened? Literally, I am so confused I have no clue what could've caused this problem

pokemon profile codes?

Posted 15 days, 5 hours ago by gerard

HI! Does anyone have any pokemon gym leader-based pokemon codes? specifically for gym leaders :o) trainer might work too!

social media

Posted 17 days, 3 hours ago by gerard

Hi! Though I'm not really active on TH anymore, I made a tumblr you can find me here!

also, if I ever make an instagram, the username will also be kiskutnya. I have a twitter too, but apparently twitter is, like, dying? here it is anyway:

EDIT: also to clarify I will be, like, hardly active. I'll probably just post art and then run LMAO

EDIT 2: OK I did make an instagram. hi

one last thing (whole toyhouse ufo)

Posted 28 days, 13 hours ago by gerard

Hi! I'm going to try and get rid of all the characters visible on my profile (my active ones/ones I want to keep are currently not visible to anyone but myself)

Please feel free to look here (do not just do "view all" - please click this link! some characters are still pending)

You can offer USD, art, and OCs, but USD is my priority. I will probably be slow to respond to art/OC offers, but I will try my best!

I just want them to go to good homes so they don't just rot away in my profile. Will probably be quite lenient with some. Also, if you traded me/designed a character you see, you're more than free to ask for them back and I'll just give them to you for free (..well, depending on who they are)

hiatus notice

Posted 29 days, 1 hour ago by gerard

Hello! I am going to take an indefinite hiatus from the internet (for those that have me added on Discord, this includes there... and Twitter, too)

I've been struggling mentally recently and realized the internet is awful for my mental well-being, so I'm going to take a step away for a while. I just cannot mentally handle it at the moment.

If I owe you a commission, please send me a message! I'm unsure if I'll be able to complete them within a timely manner because I'm just doing so awfully, so I'm going to look to refund as many as possible.

Thank you all for following me for so long! I know that sounds a bit like a goodbye and, admittedly, it might be, because at this moment in time I have 0 desire to return and start posting publicly again. I just need to get away from it all

I love you all and the support and love my art, characters, and designs have gotten have made me so, so happy :o) Thank you all for giving me so much support during my time here!

EDIT: This also means I probably won't reply to character offers unless they involve USD... because... you know... Money. LOL. I'm sorry! I hate to leave anyone hanging but I just can't muster that energy

HI! Don't worry, I'm not in any trouble nor is it, like an emergency or anything, yet still I do need money kind of badly... and, like, a lot of it

Every character you see here is up for offers:,pending?page=1

PLEASE keep in mind that this is not a guarantee that you will get that character. I am still very tentative with a lot of them (namely Letter, Cedar, and some others) and am aiming to not even to get rid of them, but... Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess

I can accept art/USD add-ons, btw! I am quite picky though

Anyway... Thank you [salutes] Have a great day!

reorganized TH + LF offers!

Posted 1 month, 3 days ago by gerard

HI! I reorganized my TH which also means I now have a super awesome sales folder

you can see all the characters I have UFO here! I added some new ones. I am kind of super in need of money (I am hungry we have no food) so I'd appreciate if you took a look and maybe offered?

USD > art/characters order of pref! I'm pretty picky abt art and OCs though :o)

also heh I hope everyone likes my new TH.. organization.. thing! :o) it was fun to do and I think it looks better

LF Art/USD/trades

Posted 1 month, 8 days ago by gerard

Hi! Sorry for another trade bulletin! I'm having a bit of a rough time lately and want to try doing some trades to distract myself!

I'm looking for art, USD, and character trades with equal importance, but I'm much pickier on art and trade offers (especially trades), but don't hesitate to shoot your shot!

I can offer characters from here and here ! I am picker with some more than others, though