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With all of the recent events going on of art theft, I will tell you once, and only once. Do NOT steal my characters, art, or designs and anything on my account. It is pathetic, cowardly, lazy, and makes you a piece of f***ing scum.

You will be blocked, publicly listed here, and I will warn everyone I am able to about you. I will not respect your privacy or yours, and you will be reported.

It's stupid ya'll don't do it. I will rip you apart limb by limb, shred you with a grater, burn you alive, and flay your skin. Don't be an idiot. My fists are rated E for everyone.

On a lighter note, my account has no nsfw themes, and is safe for all ages! There might be some swearing, nright colors, mild gore, and dark themes so please enter with caution if you're uncomfortable with that!


Also, a small blacklist of people I've blocked (for any reason, not just art theft)

- view-monster for being an idiot, for being v rude, for calling me out on something I never did, and for blocking me for the pettiest reasons lmao

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