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*****YES!  you can reference my art!  I ask you do not use my characters for inspiration without asking me (and if you do, please show me, I'd love to see!!*****


*my characters, fursonas, and storylines deal with themes such as mental illness, drug use, self harm, BDSM and other kinks, and other mature themes!!!

*****DNI LIST...PLS READ*****

*Nazis, racists, alt right, social conservatives...etc etc etc. this is fairly self explanatory...

*Cop luvers and bootlickers

*Antitheists -- idc what your reasoning is, if you're out there telling ppl any and all forms of spirituality is a disease or mental illness or some shit you need to re examine yourself and stop harassing ppl for their beliefs lol 

*"leftist" totalitarianism stans & dictator stans (that shit is so fucking trashy lol seriously go touch some grass)


*Interphobes (this refers to discrimination against the intersex community)

*CP and zoophilia apologists and/or fetishists (please note however my profile is a SAFE SPACE for ABDL and ageplay enthusiasts!!  as long as you're doing your shit with consenting adults i really don't care, do your thing!!!!)

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