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Hello! Thank you so much for bumping my thread! You have cute characters, BTW! 

Heya! Quick and random question, do you know where I could possibly find the frog and rabbit hat art creator? Like is it a base or did someone make them individually?

your characters look so cool!! sorry if this is impolite, but if you do pings then could you possibly ping me for fish and maybe matcha should they go ufs? :0

heyas thanks for letting me know about the credit for wren!  shes the first pillowing i ever purchased and all i knew was what was already in her profile from the person i bought her from  ^.^;;

aa it's no problem!! <3
I just went and looked thru my designs under my da link earlier and saw them & sent the request ;0; 

definitely nice to have all her info correct  ^.^  


     - a secret message from aries <3

Hello! I hope it'd okay to leave a message here- aaaaaa Thank you so much for subscribing (//\\)