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pixel credit: angelartzuniverse

Please do not heavily reference / copy my characters. 
Unless we're friends or mutuals, or you've been commissioned to do art for me and can't access the character's profile, please don't ask to be authorized.

  • I don't mind if you take inspiration from my work. Just don't copy anything 1 for 1. People do let me know when others are copying my stuff and I don't find direct copies flattering. It's okay to be inspired and adopt small elements from other artists to incorporate into your work, but you must find your own flow in your art. Do not stop chasing your horizons as an artist by resorting to imitation.
  • If you see someone copying my work or reselling designs they're not authorized to resell, please let me know either here or on Twitter so I can deal with it. I'd be deeply appreciative.
  • As of 2022, I primarily sell designs on Twitter and here on Toyhouse under either this account or on SAUCECAT. Please exercise caution when purchasing resales offsite.

  • Don't be weird. I don't like horny / nsfw comments on any of my characters.
  • terfs, pedos, racists, zoos and nazis fuck off!! i have 0 tolerance for that shit. full stop.

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