Hedgemaze Expo

Confident that the world needs to hear her best friend's musical talent, songbird Jill persuades shy guitarist/songwriter Amber to play together as the indie rock band Hedgemaze Expo, and when word gets around to the music shop they work in of Catband, a local battle of the bands competition that will air on national TV, Jill can't see it as anything but a sign of their destiny. Along the way, the friends recruit a drummer, Bane, and a bassist, Mitzy, and week by week, the foursome becomes one of the most popular competitors on the show. 

Their biggest rival is a pop-punk band, Persephone's Winter-- and Jill and the other band's frontman, Izzy, are determined to foil each other's every move. Still, an on-stage rivalry might be the least of their problems, and there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than either of them is aware of.

human catband male only drawn by me needs music right-handed needs art artfight 2022 brown eyes no artfight profile short hair female naturally brown hair created 2001-2005 complete profile millennial minor profile needs bio pic dont draw these 5 foot 6 to 5 foot 11