OOTP Baseball

These are characters from my franchises in Out of the Park Baseball, an excellent baseball management simulator, and my favorite video game of all time.

The Prince George Swamp Dragons are my and my wife WaffleFoxBrie's personal save-- a historic franchise of 100 seasons in her hometown.

The other wacky characters in this folder are from an OOTP sim league I ran with my friends in 2017 called Root League Baseball. Each of my friends got to design a team for the league and name their players: mine was called the Gowanus Mutants. Then I'd let the game simulate the season and I'd write out reports and results like newspaper columns, make highlight videos, graphics, and so on, to present it like an actual baseball league. As the hand of god running the sim, though, I needed NPCs to put a face to different roles, and so that's what these characters are (they're all re-purposed in-joke characters from the same friend group).

  • Dag Dag is the straight man, the face of the league; he's the long-suffering lead reporter on the channel ROOTNET SPORTS, and most written material from the league is in his voice: player interviews, season summaries, draft previews, and so on.
  • ASTROBOT is the pompous and self-important scout who barges in-- literally, smashing walls-- whenever he feels like it to incoherently yell about players' performances and potential, make completely unveiled threats, and spam emojis.
  • Drew and Eddie are the hosts of their sports call-in show, where they answer questions sent in by the viewers... well, when the topic isn't hopelessly derailed by their personal nonsense and disinterest in baseball.
  • Clayton is the station manager who does nothing whatsoever to stop the chaos that his station is embroiled in, and thinks everything is going great.

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