Rick's World

The cast of the long-running comic strip I made in elementary and middle school (roughly 1998-2001). Some of the characters might turn up again in Catband as cameos, but generally these guys are retired, and just uploaded here for fun and posterity.

Rick's World was my first "serious" comic (or project at all really), not in subject matter-- it was very silly and juvenile-- but in the sense that I made it a serious undertaking. I worked on it for years, sold subscriptions to my classmates and teachers, had a sprawling world of characters and ongoing plots simmering beneath the gags of the day, and fully believed I'd work for a syndicate putting it in newspapers someday. 

I wouldn't say it holds up as great art by any stretch of the imagination, but the comic and its characters are still important to me because they're where I got my start.

And hey, it's the origin of my dot-eyes art style.