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im so bad at talking to ppl sry

Posted 1 day, 15 hours ago by himbopunk

if uve messaged me to befriend me on discord i am so fuckin srry if ive totally just not replied to you i am so bad at replying to messages sometimes so i promise its not personal. please feel free to poke me if i havent replied to u ;___;


Posted 9 days, 22 hours ago by himbopunk

hi. i wanna give this guy friends!
pls read his personality a bit but tl;dr: facially inexpressive but vocally expressive, loud, nice train conductor guy. he's a lich.


Posted 10 days, 18 hours ago by himbopunk

i want, to do oc stuff w/ more people.

Posted 10 days, 22 hours ago by himbopunk

*grabs you* hi.

i wanna. Plot ocs with people, maybe mostly friendships but if we get on well i would also be down for shipping maybe? or we can just generally discuss stuff.

if you are interested, feel free to shoot me a dm or comment here! you can also add me on discord, just lmk who you are first.


im generally interested in branching out to people more and making more friends!! <___> and ocs are my main interest so it super helps using them to do so!! 

characters for trade/sale/offer bump

Posted 11 days, 45 minutes ago by himbopunk

i have added more characters for sale/trade here:


in addition, i have also compiled an 'offers' tag in which i will be looking for primarily art / trade offers!

this tag includes designs by vaporvvaves, nadopt, reikiix, a buffbears design, an elfen design and other hq stuff. selling is lowest priority but i will consider money offers on certain ones that can he sold!


please note when offering art i will put a max of a 2 month hold! if i do not receive at least a wip by then, i will cancel the trade and re-open the character for offers. if you need longer, it can be negotiated, just please let me know and do not leave me in the dark ;;

sale / trade bump (post-moving!)

Posted 21 days, 21 hours ago by himbopunk

bumping this!! really need money since i have officially moved :]

about owed art!

Posted 26 days, 22 hours ago by himbopunk

hi! if we're doing a trade, i want to mention that im giving people a deadline of one month to complete the trade before i put the character back up (unless you've started, or unless we've already discussed a longer time frame)

please contact me if this concerns you!