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please proceed with caution on my profile. i cover mature/very dark themes throughout some of my content, and may potentially be triggering to some. i also do not condone in ANY way on the actions, beliefs, and ideas that my characters have. i also would like to mention for you to please keep me and my character completely separated due to the latter. if you aren't ready for this sorta content, please step away and return another time. thank you!

viewer's discretion advised.

if you ever approach me in terms of pm's and such, please keep in mind that i'm EXTREMELY shy and i may not respond to message due to my anxiety getting in the way. i'm VERY sorry if i ghost you and i never mean it at all.... ;; there will be instances where my anxiety would be a bit bad to the point where i may have to go on and off in terms of dm's or create typos in my writing due to it kicking in bad.... i'm not very good at initiating others with conversations and i overthink a fuck ton, even if i genuinely wanna make friends with people. i am trying my best to be social and make new friends on here, but sometimes i just don't wanna be a burden to others that might think less of me or smth idk.... but yea, please be patient with me ;;

tone tags are somewhat recommended if you ever interact with me??? just as i mentioned before, i may overthink cues/tones and go over to the negative side of things, so tone tags help me give re-assurance in me. you don't have to do this, i'll be alright without it.. but i'll greatly appreciate it if you do however.... thank u ;_;

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