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i know u prob gonna skim through this LMAO but yea whatever u better read this or ill make you1!!!11!1!!! /j


  • i always revamp my profile i love to experiment
  • if i dont respond im busy or sleeping!! i stalk this site so
  • the only character you can see if u arent logged in is my main sona and the multiple variations of it
  • I MIGHT COME OFF AS RUDE!!!!! please dont take it that way!!! im 99.9% of the time not meaning to be rude
  • i may say something stupid and not know if u are uncomfy with anything i say or i say anything stupid please tell me directly otherwise i wont know ://


  • GIFT ART!!!!!! i will love u forever if you do this
  • give my ocs headcanons!! idk it makes me rlly happy
  • ADD MY OCS TO DREAMIE FOLDERS!! (besides myself) it makes me really happy!! go crazy!! :D
  • give me oc/adopt ideas


  • if drawing gift art pls dont do nsfw :/ im a minor dude
  • offer on anyone in this acc go to my other acc deeznutz if that what u lookin for
  • kin my ocs without permission
  • basically just not have common sense

if you are triggered by any of the following please leave for your safety!!


  • gore/blood
  • some of my ocs might be assholes or bad people! that doesnt mean i support their actions
  • i might use horror themes!! said characters would be marked with a warning


  • mature/nsfw account
  • under 10 years old or over 25 years old
  • friends with kabi (ex friends are ok!)
  • supports birdie/alias
  • proshipper/comshipper/anti-anti yall r gross i will forever bully u guys shipping a newborn and its great great great grandparent is hella weird idgaf

PLEASE dni if you are on my blacklist. please. :/ reminder to not harass or attack these people you will be blacklisted to. i dont need your defendig its gonna cause bas stuff


  • kabi - perm(?)
    • the callouts on her were deleted so iirc she was racist and posted nsfw on rule34 i forgot most tho so idk
  • Wilby-Chan - depends
    • tried to cheat in a raffle and never apologized using flimsy excuses when she knew she was wrong
  • @USB-CABLE (they changed usernames) - permanent
    • blocking me because i declined their offer on a character
  • cyansoda - permanent
    • ok let me be honest i dont support this person and if you are associated with them DNI. some stuff she did rubs me the wrong way. not going into detail bc i dont wana risk drama lol,, if ur seeing this go away please, my account is not a safe space for u. nor is any of my content for you. exit the door pls i dont feel comfortable around u. do not harass cyan though. dont be a dick pls also if u were sent here by her bc ur her friend or whatever HIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NANNAR AND LUAN SOLOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP
  • @marven - temp??? it depends but not sure!!!!
    • sent death threats (abt 3 times) in a discord server. apologized but continued???🤨

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