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i know u prob gonna skim through this LMAO but yea whatever u better read this or ill make you1!!!11!1!!! /j


  • i always revamp my profile i love to experiment
  • if i dont respond im busy or sleeping!! i stalk this site so
  • the only character you can see if u arent logged in is my main sona and the multiple variations of it
  • I MIGHT COME OFF AS RUDE!!!!! please dont take it that way!!! im 99.9% of the time not meaning to be rude
  • i may say something stupid and not know if u are uncomfy with anything i say or i say anything stupid please tell me directly otherwise i wont know ://


  • GIFT ART!!!!!! i will love u forever if you do this
  • give my ocs headcanons!! idk it makes me rlly happy
  • ADD MY OCS TO DREAMIE FOLDERS!! (besides myself) it makes me really happy!! go crazy!! :D
  • give me oc/adopt ideas


  • if drawing gift art pls dont do nsfw :/ im a minor dude
  • offer on anyone in this acc go to my other acc deeznutz if that what u lookin for
  • kin my ocs without permission
  • basically just not have common sense

if you are triggered by any of the following please leave for your safety!!


  • gore/blood
  • some of my ocs might be assholes or bad people! that doesnt mean i support their actions
  • i might use horror themes!! said characters would be marked with a warning


  • mature/nsfw account
  • under 10 years old or over 25 years old
  • supports birdie/alias
  • proshipper/comshipper/anti-anti yall r gross i will forever bully u guys shipping a newborn and its great great great grandparent is hella weird idgaf

PLEASE dni if you are on my blacklist. please. :/ reminder to not harass or attack these people you will be blacklisted to. i dont need your defendig its gonna cause bas stuff


cyansoda - permanent
  • racist, homophobic, transphobic, and all that she has dated s 16 year old who use to go by the name alpha (i forgot his whole name) when she was 21, misgendered my friends multiple times and never corrected herself, supports animesexual, expressed wanting to spam the n word on someone toyhouse account even though she is a white woman, sent nudes to a 12 year old, and ontop of that, she groomed me and my friends

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