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heehoo Art Fight

Posted 5 months, 22 days ago by huddson

man it's almost Art Fight season isn't it

i likely won't be as active this year as i am most years as my partner is coming here for all of July!! they live in another country so i'll be wanting to spend as much time with them as possible. i'll also be preparing to move to another city and make sure i have everything in order before starting university

that said, i do plan to update references for at least my main characters. so far, Phyllis' is in progress, and i have plans to do Zachary, Martin, Opal, and of course, Hudson. it's not a guarantee that they'll get updated references in time for July though, as i'm graduating high school this year and thus i have to prepare for those big end-of-the-year tests as well as getting the last of my schoolwork handed in

i'm nonetheless excited for this year's Art Fight and hope to see y'all there!!!

hi i'm still around

Posted 6 months, 28 days ago by huddson

i got into a car wreck mid-late March and then i've been sick literally all April, like. first pneumonia, then covid, then the flu, and i'm still kinda sick. i've had absolutely no spoons to check notifs or to draw so that's why i just kinda dropped off the face of the earth

anyway, my birthday is on the 7th. i'm turning 18!!! i'm super excited about that, and also super nervous, but mostly excited, and still very nervous

not sure if i'll be consistently checking Toyhouse again for a bit, i've still gotta recover more, plus i've got a ton of school stress because well. i was sick for so long, i wasn't able to keep up with schoolwork, so. but i'm around!! i'm on Discord if you want to talk to me, it's so much easier to get ahold of me there. petrichor#4405

they should hopefully all be set to public again now

free Wermling MYO event!!!

Posted 10 months, 27 days ago by huddson

yoooo there's a Wermling MYO event going on right now, anybody who wants one can get a free common slot or a discounted uncommon or rare slot!!!!

ty to the other people who did bulletins about this so i could see i'm excited!!!!

authorization (IMPORTANT)

Posted 11 months, 2 days ago by huddson

wait before you read the announcement

go buy my friend a kofi

also, i was gonna watermark all of images and then i realized i just.. don't want to do that? so i'm putting my stuff on auth only instead. this hopefully shouldn't last too long but i am paranoid and my brain will bite me if i don't do anything about this at all, so hopefully this should satisfy my brain

if you want to be authorized, literally all you gotta do is ask. i'm very unlikely to turn anyone down for authorization, even if we don't really talk, so just go for it and asked. i don't like my characters being private ^^;;

more info on the whole NFT stuff

yeah i got a lol. maybe send a follow or some likes my way, mutuals are pretty much guaranteed an accepted friend request but feel free to send one if you aren't, if i've seen you around i'll accept and whatnot

and yes, free art. if i did doodles of y'alls OCs with those expression memes would you guys be interested in that? idk if they'd be sketches or lined or coloured or what, it depends on energy and time, but expressions are something i'd like to practice

mental health update

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by huddson

hey, i just wanted to let people know that my mental health has been on a steep decline over the past few weeks and i'm still struggling to get out of it. most of my energy these days is going towards schoolwork and making it to therapy

if i owe you art, please be patient with me and just poke me about it if need be. i'll try and get to it when i can

friend's raffle, check it out!!!

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by huddson

my friend clown_teeth is doing an art raffle in honour of 80 subs, y'all should totally go check it out and perhaps maybe probably subscribe to it too!!!!

name/pronouns meme!!!

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by huddson

why not


Cecil: 10/10!!!
this is my name!!! this is just my name. that is just how it goes. i've gone from getting mega euphoria from it to it just being chill and casual because it is my name. i'm out of the honeymoon phase with this name. i love it

Ffwsia: 8/10
this is also my name and i very much like how unique it is!!! it also has a bit of femininity which is good because i'm a guy but like, i'm a very feminine guy. it's pronounced foo-sya if you're curious lol

Hudd / Huddson: 6/10
these are also me but they are not my names!! they are just my usernames. i'll still respond to them tho

Eyes: 7/10
good name =^} it fits my whole aesthetic. it's good but it's not like, like i'm not gonna put this in my legal name yaknow

Gordon: 4/10
i used to go by this for a bit but now it's like ehhh. i'll still respond to it and you can use it for me but it's not a big huge good name

Arsonist: 9/10
there is History with this name. i'm not gonna share it, but it's also my name =}

Hudson: 0/10
this is not my name. this is my fursona's name, please don't call me Hudson with one D


it/its: 15/10!!!!!
these are SUCH good pronouns, i am an it, that is just how it goes

rot/rots: 8/10
also very good pronouns

deca/decay: 9/10
these just sound so nice and i love them sm, i wish they were used for me more

🦷/🦷s: 8/10
emojipronouns my beloved, if only to annoy people who don't like them lol. but anyway these are also very good, if you want to like, use them verbally you can say tooth/tooths or teeth/teeths but idc

sty/stygia/stygianself: 9/10
same with deca/decay these sound so nice and i wish they were used more but also, i don't put them on my profiles so! my bad!

he/him: 4/10
ehhhhhh don't use these for me unless i explicitly give you permission ty