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Hello! So sorry to bother you, but I have a question about my character, Nexus. You originally made this character, but most of their art doesn’t have artist credits. I was wondering if you knew any of the people that drew art for them?

If not, that’s totally ok 😁 the ownership log isn’t very long so I’ll just ask around. 

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eyyy ty and yw!!! i went ahead and authorized everyone from the hospital server if you're wondering why i authed you despite us not really talking

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yw and tysm!!!!

Ayyy tysm for the monster! It’s super cute!


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ofc, yw!!

Thanks for the favorite <3 Your art style is super cute!

yw, and tysm!! <3

Thank you for liking my character~

yw, they're pretty great!

Thank you for the fave on Polaris! ♡

yw, she's got a gorgeous design! i'm a huge fan of asymmetrical designs

Thank you for the favorite!!

You're very welcome!

Thanks for the fav!

No problem! She's simply stunning!

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you're welcome!

Tysm for faving my fursona!!!!

you're welcome, thanks for favouriting my character!

Thanks for the fave!

You're welcome!

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You're welcome! Can't help it, your characters are just so beautiful!

eyy it worked!! glad you're getting your ocs on and i hope you get everything sorted soon ;D definitely way nicer than the other website

I'm really glad it did too! It's even better than I thought it would be, what with easy interface, endless image & character amounts as well as endless space on the profiles? It's perfect, & I still can't believe you just gave me the code for free!

i don't rp as much as i used to but worlds and bulletins and thr post ic feature is so good omg no problem, glad you like it!