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General Warnings

  • Eyestrain
  • Flashing
  • Derealization
  • Blood/Violence
  • Often profile changes, one day it could be something that isn't triggering, the next it could be. (Especially considering one of my main aesthetics is weirdcore, which may be triggering)

  • Do not harass me for using this warning as DNI. I'm not bothered to block people or just get randomly bombed with an 18+ account following me (Which I then have to go on to block, which might result in me seeing something I don't want to see.)
  • DNI if you fit basic criteria
  • DNI if you are in any of these fandoms: DSMP (Unless you watch for the story and don't support most of the people deemed as problematic or whatever), ill update this whenever a new fandom that disturbs me pops up
  • Tracing is OK as long as you don't post it or trace a ftu base and credit
  • Do not heavy reference, it makes me uncomfortable. I'm not against it though.
  • Follow my ToS
  • Please use grammar/puncuation on my profile or I will not be able to read what your saying LOL
  • PLEASE use some sort of tone indicator. Not like /j, I mean like exclamation points and stuff. "if you just type or speak like this with every tone I'll take that as you being rude"
Other Info

  • idk what to put here LOL
  • alt accounts: hyenalaugh and jointaccount (that one is with my friends)

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