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About Me

Hello! I’m inkyvamp :3c

Please read the warnings and dos & don’ts below before interacting with my profile

Anything listed below is either already added or will be added in the future

I do not condone all of the actions of my characters and will not tolerate being harassed over how i’ve written them

Content Warnings

  • mentions of/implied self harm, death, and suicide
  • drawn & unrealistic  gore/blood
  • trauma and abuse
  • demons, angels, vampires, and other fictitious species 

Don't Do This

  • offer on my characters (unless it is a damn good offer)
  • draw/write nsfw or suggestive content with my characters
  • romantically ship my characters unless it is a canon romantic relationship

You May

  • draw fanart/write fanfiction
  • ask about my characters or stories
  • platonically ship my characters

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