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Hello there!

I see you've somehow stumbled upon my profile and I am happy to see your interest in my collection of characters. Since there are mostly dark and sometimes violent / ideologically sensitive thematics used in my characters backstories and ongoing stories, this is a warning about all of these contents. I will not stop you from continuing, yet I have to warn you that what you read might not be to your liking. You have been warned, continue only if you do want to and don't message me about contents that you read and did not like despite this warning, please.

Contents may include in one or more characters:

  • violence
  • torture
  • graphic descriptions of injuries (only in literature)
  • terminal illness
  • abuse (physical and / or psychological)
  • child abuse
  • child prostitution
  • near death experiences
  • death of loved ones
  • mental illnesses, such as depression, BPD or Borderline
  • suicide / attempts
  • homicide / murder
  • mentions of incest
  • starvation
  • (auto-)cannibalism

Please note that most of these are only used in backstories, worldbuilding or similar. However, I still want to give a heads up about all the themes you might meet if you decide to go through my literature and / or character profiles. If you agree to still look at them, feel free to do so and I would love any kind of feedback or questions about my children!

Have a nice day and happy reading!

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