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36976800_zugAs8secJogXim.gifhello there! ^-^ 36976800_zugAs8secJogXim.gif

i'm kabi! please read these rules carefully, thanks!

40436852_1TaaimpwxqMV6Gj.gifnotes and shit like that40436852_1TaaimpwxqMV6Gj.gif

  • i use tone tags!
  • i have school, so yea </3
  • i'm a minor, so don't be weird, kjshfksdjfh, also if you have "minors dni" in your bio, then my profile isn't for you ^^;
  • most of my ocs are LGBTQIA+, if you don't like it, then i'll kindly ask you to leave (yes, i include allies as LGBTQIA+)
  • just because i have anthro ocs, doesn't mean i'm a furry or something
  • i could care less if you kin my ocs, just don't make kinsonas of them tho, kjafhaskjhakjdh-
  • i'm critical of my interests, so yea
  • i'm open for ships as long as it's not illegal! (example: minor x adult)

40436859_MpLzQiOhFd6SFI7.gifyou may40436859_MpLzQiOhFd6SFI7.gif

  • draw my ocs (no need to ask! the answer will always be yes!)
  • design me an oc as a gift
  • offer on UNIC0RN-BYTE and my purge folder
  • chat with me!
  • colorpick my ocs (i don't own colors, however, pls don't colorpick the entire palette, jsdfhjdskh-)
  • take inspiration from my ocs (as long as the other designers allow it) (just don't get HEAVILY inspired by them tho!)
  • mass fav my ocs (it gives me serotonin)

40436855_iWuEYYFPxO16d97.gifyou may not40436855_iWuEYYFPxO16d97.gif

  • draw nsfw of my ocs or show me nsfw (pls, that makes me uncomfy ;w;) (most of my ocs are minors btw) (i'm fine with gore)
  • offer outside of the purge folder or UNIC0RN-BYTE
  • shit on my interests (it's fine if you don't like them!)
  • be an ass
  • steal my ocs/art (i'll steal your kneecaps if you do)
  • make rip-offs of my ocs (please no, i'll be really sad if you rip-off my babies ;^;)

please note that i'm not responsible for your triggers ;w;/lh

also, just because i have some ocs who do this stuff DOES NOT mean i support or condone their actions, i just like to have villain ocs


  • gore
  • swearing (lots of it)
  • bright colors/eyestrain
  • abuse (or mentions of it) (including child abuse)
  • cannibalism
  • murder
  • nsfw jokes
  • suicide
  • self harm
  • vomit
  • clown ocs
  • triggering fandoms (madness combat, cookie run, etc)
  • nudity in refs (no nsfw tho)
  • f*mboys (feminine boys, not the transphobic slur)
  • other stuff that may be triggering to you

36976901_fDz31uyXjkgaV4s.gifplease refrain from interacting if:36976901_fDz31uyXjkgaV4s.gif

  • you fit basic dni criteria
  • you're a nsfw account
  • you're a proshipper (i hope you step on a lego)
  • you're on my blacklist (go away, lmao)
  • you're against neopronouns and/or xenogenders (they're both poggers, you guys are just mean :pensive:)
  • you support gracie lynn adams (a.k.a my abusive ex friend) in anyway/srs
  • you shit on people's interests (let people enjoy what they want, cringe culture is dead!)
  • you're against oc x canon and/or self-inserts (like i said, let people have fun)
  • you ship walnut cookie x roguefort cookie (MAJOR discomfort)
  • you don't support they/them gays or they/them lesbians
  • you're an anti-kin (i kin just for fun and comfort, mainly for fun, but still, GET OUT YOU STINKY ANTI-KIN GRR BARK BARK)
  • you kin me (excluding friends and mutuals) (i am hatty hattington, pink choco cookie, sugar glass cookie, sayu, maid of the mist, nutty, frost queen cookie, and pibby irl/srs)
  • you're gingerbrave/j
  • you're against irls/DAs
  • you're a mcyt stan or dsmp stan (dsmp fans and mcyt fans are fine tho!)

hey uh, don't harass these users or you'll be added to this list, just block them and move on, just don't give them my designs tho, thank you! ^-^

37398893_BSihZrWvNlqS6s2.gifblacklisted fuckers:37398893_BSihZrWvNlqS6s2.gif

  • crocodiller
    • has done... a lot of stuff... but i believe she can improve in the future!
  • gracie lynn adams (not on th)
    • ex friend, an 11 year old drawing nsfw (disgusting), telling me to kill myself OVER A MEME, etc.
  • mexialist
    • made a kkk design for someone and probably racist
  • anyone blacklisted by my friends or mutuals
    • if you're blacklisted by my friends or mutuals, then you're blacklisted by me, i'm sorry! ><;

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