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DA Problems

Posted 7 days, 16 hours ago by katcombs

Anyone else having problems with journal postings on DA? I redid my journals since the change over on DA and now it's asking for thumbnails on ALL my images and doesn't show the pics. Should I move the journals to another site?

Happy Holidays!!

Posted 1 month, 8 hours ago by katcombs

Should I count my Disney ponies in my total?

0 Votes Keep them as a fan set
0 Votes Add entries for each one

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!!! If I don't get back online before then, have a Happy and Safe New Year!

For me, it's Christmas, which this year I'm going all out with the lights :D It's the first year in a LONG TIME that I've really felt the season. New Years is a hard time of year for me. 


Some quick notes:

I've finally finished changing over the ponies and some of the critter species to larger thumbnails. Several of them since they are babies I'll be making on Pony Town soon so I can have something quick to show. Recently refound https://tinkertie.tumblr.com/post/150764024926/pony-randomizer-challenge-here-are-the-rules-you and am thinking of making a few random adopts. The pics will also probably be on PT too so I can refine them a bit.  I finally have some ideas for the big references too. 

If I'm right counting this mess, my current pony count is 245.... (the ones on the front page were all included, plus one I haven't uploaded yet) 


Posted 1 month, 3 days ago by katcombs

How should I change them?

4 Votes Change them
0 Votes Keep them

I'm going back and forth on this one.... should I keep my ponies as sprites or change them to headshots?

Holiday Wishlist

Posted 1 month, 21 days ago by katcombs

What I wish to do and for:

  • I hope all my family and friends are well and will be doing well this holiday
  • I really want for myself for Christmas is to have all my kids and grandkids in one place and take lots and lots of pictures.

My Wishlist:

Ponies and Foxes UFA

Posted 2 months, 6 days ago by katcombs

No freebies this time... yet.

Here is the folder for all the Slimehead Foxes and Ponies I have up for adoption:


I'll take OTA, Trades and Art :) 

Losing Home

Posted 2 months, 12 days ago by katcombs

Someone very close to me is about to lose their house due to a bank mistake. The family has set up a GoFundMe!


If you're able, please help!

Animals Moves

Posted 5 months, 10 days ago by katcombs

Since I keep forgetting which creature goes with which character I'm splitting them off the characters they belong to. There will be alot of new characters popping up, but they're just the new 'files'. Well, that doesn't include my new critters.

Pony Match Ups

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by katcombs

FINALLY updating my matchup list over on DeviantArt, please let me know if I missed any matches....

Some matches will be removed due to the owners of the other ponies vanishing on me.

Should I add...

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by katcombs

Should I add them?

1 Votes Yes
1 Votes No

I've got a few characters that are part of my fanfictions... the characters themselves are in the actual TV shows, but the way I write them is ALOT different.... some are different actors/actresses, some are the same.... what do ya'll think? Add them or no?

Main thing I'm worried about it the copyright on the pictures, but I've got quite a few dollz and micros I've done.


Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by katcombs

I just noticed the literature on the left side of my main screen... I'm tempted to copy my stories from fanfiction.net so I know what is what... trying to figure out how to move my stuff from pintrest too since there are tons of pics there for my fanfics as well... my fanfiction versions of characters aren't anything like the canons so I may be adding some soon.... debating on how.