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comissions are open!

Posted 11 days, 18 hours ago by kazehanatenshi

hi friends!!

My comissions are open :) find more info in my page


Posted 1 month, 8 days ago by kazehanatenshi

Coelunes MYO event!

Posted 3 months, 25 days ago by kazehanatenshi


go looksie stimky

Daeles MYO event

Posted 8 months, 17 days ago by kazehanatenshi

Commissions are open!

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by kazehanatenshi

Hewwo, if you'd like a commission from me, I've finally opened them ^w^

Headshots are 15$

Halfbodies 20$

Fullbodies 30$

I take paypal only for now!

Depending on character complexity, it may go up by 5$-10$

I can do most species, but am most skilled with canines and felines

More examples of my work



@MsDogeKazehana (twitter)