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Hello my beloveds

As some of you might already know, I have adhd and I am immensely forgetful, coupled with disorganization = not very good at remembering if I owe anyone anything. I am trying to get better at it, starting with clearing my queue! Please let me know if I owe you anything and you have not heard anything from me for a while, be it auction incentive, commission, trade, art, anything at all! I’ll be happy to sort things with you.

I am easiest to reach on Discord: lawlielawlaw

But you can also reach me through Twitter: Lawlielawlaw

Thank you muchly, especially for your patience! <3

I will also tru my best to keep a Trello so you can see your progress on any art I owe you, and will do my very best to remember to update it. TRELLO LINK


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I think i`ll mainly stick on revenging this year

I`m werewolf, i do love friendly fire!! FIGHT ME

It’s a great ARPG where we have these cuties, Avilli and Voxibell! You can join now and grab a free myo for your first character, or enter the raffle!

Join us, join us! https://painted-relics.com/


its a super cool ARPG that you should TOTALLY check out. In fact, I even have three characters in it that i LOVE

You can get your first MYO right away!


comissions are open!

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hi friends!!

My comissions are open :) find more info in my page


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Coelunes MYO event!

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go looksie stimky

Daeles MYO event

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