Based on chess, Serdium's culture is heavily geared towards its Court system, comprised of the five primary Courts (White, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) who rule over their nations as supreme, divine leaders, and direct their lower court in all areas of life. Choked with Harmonics and Chaotics, Serdium's magical atmosphere is rather unstable, even after the murder of the previous core H/C at the hands of the Black & White Courts. The years of magical war that followed worsened the issue, which was "fixed" by sealing as much excess magic under the oceanfloor as possible.

However, in recent years, three newer Courts (C, M, Y) have cropped up, threatening the lifestyle and unsteady armistace that the B/W have created for themselves. Peace threatens to collapse as political and trade pressure begins to press harder and harder on all five nations. 

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