Pegmatite is a Universe based around gemstones and minerals, characterized by a deep-rooted mistrust between the Birthstones, the first lesser gods born and the members of the council Pegmatite, who rule the Universe. Each Birthstone is in control of their own Geode, an association of facets (dimensions) under their banner that answer to them. The current conflict revolves around the sheer power of the Tourmaline Empire as it encroaches on the other Geodes, threatening to send the Universe into a potential war.

Beyond politics, however, Pegmatite citizens suffer a horrible fate at the hands of druzy, a terrifying illness that warps one's body and mind into the perfect growing habitat for giant, magic-sucking crystals.

It is a collaboration withManyTeeth, and you can view their characters here. Pegmatite's Gladar is  Reese.Lunila is also working on some aspects.

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