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My Horsies


Hi! Welcome to my Toyhouse. All my characters are part of my own personal, ten-year-old headworld, so the lore for them can be very dense and profiles a little hard to understand. There's links to terminology pages and quickguides in the blurbs, though, and here's a link to the website, if you want to dig in. 

TL;DR: all of my OCs are anthro horses in a fictional world I made back in 2010. Its themes are idealism, hope, effort, self-improvement, and moving on from trauma. It is close to my heart and I often use stories in it to try to move past and cope with my own stuff, so I'm a bit of a sensitive baby when talking about it. Please be gentle!!

Note: the vast majority of characters are private/auth-only while I work on them or rework their universes.
If you're particularly interested in my work you can send me a DM and ask to be authorized, 
but unless I recognize you (i.e. you read and fav my stories, you've fav'd my characters, we've talked before) the answer is probably no.

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