Alkaverse is not war-torn. It is war-savaged. Its people are exhausted, mortals toiling in futility to feed into their lesser gods' desire for power and influence, often cast to the wayside. Attempts to bring peace have been met with laughter, attempts to forcibly unite everyone have left the continent in further shambles. Nothing the Harmonics or Chaotics could do could seem to calm the lesser gods - even attempting to kill off the most violent ones only made them retaliate worse.

Exhausted at the shape of their Universe and feeling helpless to fix it, the Gladar Zev passed on their magic to a seemingly-random mortal and then committed suicide, leaving Alkaline confused, jobless, and suddenly full of near-infinite magic. After some prompting from a Harmonic attempting to help, Alkaline agreed that he had to have been chosen for a reason - and that reason was to stop the wars, to unite the continent, and save Alkaverse from itself.

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