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General Warnings

  • all charactersS here are copyrighted soley to myself/koya. no one has expressed permission to use them.
  • Some of my characters may include triggering things or themes (which i in no way condone).

  • Do not kin any of my characters as it makes me uncomfortable since theyre all very close to me. Especially Han and Bun.
  • Never offer on Bun, even if i link you my and say 'anyone'
  • Dont color pick, steal, reference, trace, or do anything to the artwork of my characters or designs of my characters.
Other Info

  • IM ACTIVLY SEEKING DESIGNS BY: Myuhime/myubeans, casin0s, sc00ty, no-yu, babezord
  • You can offer on any of my characters except for Bun as they are off limits
  • Please dont offer on my characters and then never respond when i accept your offer.. that shits not fair on me yo
  • I'm currently looking for vampire ocs, mignyans (im really desperate for one) & designs by people on this list [ ] please if you have any of these and want to take offers on them please pm me or comment on my page!

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