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About Love-Kadrina Account

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago by love-kadrina

Purpose of This Account:
• To be used for testing my main profile with different layouts
• To be used to test character profiles with different layouts
• To be used for role-playing
• To be used for storage of characters I am currently not happy with
• To be used for sample writing
• To subscribe to people
• To be used other purposes not yet known

Sales account will be Castle when I have things to sell as well as freebies.

If You Want To Role-play:
I enjoy semi-literate, paragraph-style role-plays on occasion, when I am not too busy (which is every day lately). I prefer more fantasy-based role-play over high school and every day stuff, but am willing to do either. Please do not ask for romance or 18+ role-plays unless you are 18+ years old. It is just creepy for me, otherwise, man.

All my characters ARE open for role-play, just understand that any pairing will not be official as a lot of characters are already in relationships. I also have hundreds of characters not shown, so if you can't find someone you like, just ask. 

Lastly, if I don't reply right away, please do not badger me on my main account. I suffer from depression, which means I may sometimes be unable to get the motivation to reply quickly. It doesn't mean I don't enjoy role-playing with you. It just means I am having one of my "bad" days and need to just sit and stare at the ceiling for a few hours. Thank you for understanding.

If You Are Blocked on My Main, But Not Here:
Honestly, I could have just forgotten to block you. In which case, it is up to you if you want to tell me to block you or not. Or, what you did was not enough to warrant a block here, I simply may refrain, because I am not on here enough to see you, and all characters are private on here.

If You Are Blocked Here, But Not on My Main:
I probably noticed you blocked me on my main and not here, but have (accidentally?) used one of the threads I own in the past, so I blocked you to protect you and myself from really accidentally breaking the rules. It is nothing personal. I am assuming you just forgot. /shrug

With that said, please don't contact me on any account (with yours or a friend's) to get unblocked from this account. I don't play that game. Blocking is a serious thing for me and I don't want anyone to feel like they have to unblock me to gain access to anything*.

*anyone blocked on either accounts who contacts me on the other will be immediately blocked on Castle.