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my characters/stories include a lot of dark topics, including but not limited to: abuse, gore, selfharm, body horror, furbies

all of it is properly filtered and tagged, but if something slipped through, then let me know right away

i have a 'character' profile where i upload fandom fanart. each fandom is separated into its own tab, so if there's a specific one that makes you uncomfortable, you can block it


carrd (read byf)

i dont mind my ocs being added to dreamie folders, as long as  they aren't in the "me" folder!! most of my ocs will likely never be ufo but i still appreciate the gesture

adopts tos 

tag guide (wip)

art examples (please go here if you want examples, my regular art tab isn't the most reliable because i upload old art sometimes)

none of my folders are dreamie folders, except "WANT". i try to be wary of others boundaries, but i may slip up sometimes, so if i have an oc of yours in there and it makes you uncomfy, please let me know and i can remove it.

if youre proship or associate with the toyhouse dramas blog, stay the fuck away from me ❤️ /srs

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