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  • Characters may contain mature and sensitive themes that are not suitable for all audiences
  • I do not condone or share the same view for some of the context included in storytelling (ex. self-harm, any form of abuse or assault, hate speech towards any group, mortally corrupt actions against the living or dead, etc.). If you are struggling or dealing with depression / negative thoughts and feelings, please avoid any of my characters with NSFW warning and seek out professional help (or use online help resources if possible).
  • I do not label any LGBTQ+ topic (pairings and character's orienation specifically) as NSFW
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  • Do not steal, copy, heavy referencing, and color picking any of my characters' designs
  • Do not steal, take too many specific ideas/elements, and frankinstin any of my characters' stories without permission
  • You do not have permission to include any of my characters into your characters’ stories or commission without asking me (friends excluded)
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