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Before you offer on any of my characters, I have a few notes:

+ I DO NOT READ COMMENTS. Therefore, if you want something IM me. It's all over my profile that I don't, but at least with this you'll have to read it. 

+ DO NOT OFFER ME LQ BASE OR NEON DESIGNS. I'm open to just about anything or any designer design wise, but I hate being offered those 10 point DA base adoptables for non base work.

+ DO NOT OFFER ON ANYONE IN THE SONA OR NEVER FOLDERS. If they get moved out of either folder, that's something else- but as long as they're there, they're off limits.

AS FOR CONTENT WARNINGS, my character profiles may contain:

- violence

- depictions of mental illness 

- depictions of substance abuse

- depictions of past trauma

If these things upset you or you cannot aptly cope with them, I do not recommend reading through any wordy profiles I may post.

That's all. Thanks for your time reading, and have a nice day.

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