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art fight!!!!

Posted 3 months, 6 days ago by mintyfreshmangos

hiiiii just want to say I'll be part of art fight again this year!

This is my 5th year participating but it's going to be my first year with characters up. sooo I GUESS THIS IS MY FIRST REAL AF fkjsdlfj I have to say goodbye to my 100% battle ratio one attacks me that is

If you are participating, feel free to leave a link below! I'm going to be in team BLOOM but I always been ok with friendly fire uvu Going to be drawing full-bodies, scenes, the usual for me lol but I'm prioritizing friends/mutuals first! Probs won't get right into it right away but definitely will be drawing!

I'm here:

goood llluuuckkk everyone!!

RP Comfort Meme

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by mintyfreshmangos


About Me

Age 20+
Activity Online during late nights and weekends
Message me on

Other Notes
  • Please only contact me to RP if you are 18+
  • I don't mind shipping but it's not my top priority when RPing. I'm more interested in character building and development.
  • I work full-time + freelance on the side so sometime replies might take a bit. I'll try to reply once a day!
  • I prefer if you talk to me ooc too! Would def like to plan things together and such.
  • DM me for my discord please!

RP Location

Google Docs 

Other Notes
  • I'm ok with DMs or forums to start but Discord is my pref!

One on One 
Up to 3 
Up to 4 
As Big as Possible 

Other Notes
  • I'm used to RP groups and RPing with a lot of people at the same time.
  • I do have a pref for 1 on 1 tho, and I won't drag you into a group rp if you aren't comfy with it
Post Type

Script Style 

1 or 2 Sentences 
1 or 2 Paragraphs 
2 to 5 Paragraphs 
5+ Paragraphs 
A few pages worth 

Other Notes
  • Long-form/ lit RPs are my pref, please don't reply to my multi-paragraphs with onn-liners
Preferred Character Types

Don't care 

Don't care 

Original species 

Other Notes
  • I really only know how to rp humans/humanoid!
RP Types

Action / Adventure 
Horror / Mystery 
Slice of life / Casual 
Canonical Universes 

Other Notes
  • I'm down to do any kind of RP or at least give it a shot!
  • Though I have a general setting I prefer to play in, the setting is not set in stone, nor do you have to join it really. I actually prefer some worldbuilding from the other party too, to be honest, I like a 50/50 split the best.

Must be planned in advance 
Characters must know each other 
Depends on the character & situation 

Exclusive Relationships 
AU relationships with others 

Other Notes
  • I'm not into shipping that much, please don't start RPing with me with the sole intention to ship.
  • I think it's best to just see how characters interact and if there is any chemistry before jumping into a ship.

Relationship Speed

Slow and steady 
Molasses, I want to suffer 
Depends on the characters 

Other Notes
  • I prefer relationships on a slower side but it depends on the character and situation.
  • If you feel like my pace is too slow, please tell me to kick it up a notch! I really like slowly building up an RP, I'm not the type to just jump into things without character set-up/ motivation/ thoughts.

Skip the act 
Write build up, skip act 
Only write the act if it's good 
Write the act always 

Other Notes
  • I only RP smut with people who I'm really familiar and comfortable with. And it takes me forever to write.
  • I rather just skip it if we are acquaintances or just met.

Romantic Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with 
Post but don't show me 
Don't ever post w/o consulting 
Don't care 

Hugs or Cuddles 
Sexual Acts 

Other Notes
  • I'm pretty free with whatever you want to post but I rather you run NSFW drawings by me before posting please


No violence at all 
Discuss it with me first 
Don't care 

Verbal arguments 
Mild (Papercut, Elbow to the face...) 
Normal (Stabbing, Fist fight...) 
Extreme (Torture...) 

Other Notes
  • I'm fine with gore but not gore for gore-sake. On the more extreme end, there really needs to be a point/ lead up to it rather than it coming out of nowhere.

Psychological Problems

Neurotypical only 
Discuss it with me first 
Don't care 

Depression or other similar problems 
Extreme personality problems, PTSD, etc. 

Other Notes

Dramatic / Violent Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with 
Post but don't show me 
Don't ever post w/o consulting 
Don't care 

Mental stress or self harm 
Mild depictions (scrapes, bruises...) 
Average depiction (open wounds...) 
Extreme depictions (dismemberment, torture...) 

Other Notes
  • Same as above, I'm pretty free with a lot but work on the extreme side of things.

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